I am not sure about you, but when I travel, I end up spending more money, that's why a leather wallet is not enough for me to put my all cash. To carry more money with safety, I purchased a belt pouch which is also known as money belt and looks similar to the fanny pack but smaller in size but with more functionality.

A belt pouch is a small pouch which is attached to a belt. This has been used to holding the money and other related things which can be used when you are traveling. This belt has been buckle around the waist but it can be buckled around on any other part of the body too but the waist is most common.


A belt pouch is a great alternative of the wallet or you can have it added to carry more money and other important things including your mobile phone, passport, cards, and documents like that. Because of its bigger size, you can actually put more money in it or even small tools which can be helpful for you when you are traveling or be camping etc.


The belt pouch has been made in different types of material. They are available in cotton, leather, silk, nylon and other materials. These are the materials which are not only comfortable but also generally classified as durable and waterproof. As compare to others, the leather belt pouches are more in demand because they look elegant and gives a luxury look to the others. Defiantly, we cannot ignore the durability of the leather belt pouches too which makes it last for a number of years if the quality of the leather is good.


Pouch Design:

The belt pouches are not specific to one design only. Like wallets and fanny packs, they come up in different designs too. Yes, the basic design is almost the same but it’s usually different in term of a number of slots and zip options. For the traveler, the zippered pouches are really great because it can help them to organize their items easily like passport, tickets, currency, traveler related documents, debit and credit card and traveler's checks etc. The design is not only about the number of slots but colors too. When you purchase the leather pouch belts, you will find a lot of color options too. Purchasing one which suits your personality is always a great decision.


Belt Design:

We have already discussed the size of the pouch in the design section which is usually related to the number of slots and room available to put valuable here we will talk about the belt. The belt of the money belt does come up in different sizes and options too but generally, they have the elastic strap to make it easy to adjust on any size of man easily. You can wear it under or over the shirt. So make sure to not ignore the design and color of the belt when you are purchasing one.