1.The qualities of the products' on your website are all reliable ,aren’t they?
Yes,they are!That is absolutely guaranteed! Each product on the site is after we carefully selected~Most kinds of the products were tried by ourself.So,whatever the quality, design or the style of them are the most outstanding in the same price.

2.If the items are out of stock or lack of proper size,can I place an order?
Nope ~ In this case, I suggest you to tell us via email .so that we can communicate with suppliers, in order to determine whether we can meet your requirements.

3.Can I return the goods if they doesn't fit or I changed my mind after received?
Of ourse you can~As long as the time after receipt of the parcel is not more than 7 days , the goods can  be returned.Details refer to our returns policies ~If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us ~

4.I'm getting an error when trying to place an order...what do I do?!
Please relax, don't worry . just tell us via email, we will help you to cancel the order .After your purchase, we will confirm again, so don't worry about buying the faulty products . If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time ~

5.Why orders are going to be confirmed for the second time ?
Because our customers comes from all over the world and various special cases may occur during the long transportation time.So we confirm carefully before our shippment to avoid lots of unnecessary problems.
Although the shopping process is a little tedious, but we firmly believe that, the process will be good for customer~ right?

6.What if you guys sent me a faulty item?
Uhoh, we're super sorry! If we sent you an item that isn't quite right, please email  .Details refer to our returns and refunds policies.

7.In which areas can I place orders online?

8.How can I pay for my order?
As a policy to protect buyer and seller’s benefit, we only accept payment via paypal.Also you can simply use your creditcard in PayPal website. To facilitate your shopping,we will support other menthods payment soon.

9.I have already placed an order, what happens next?
During the first 24 hours, we will contact you to confirm the contents of the order and shipping address.During the time we contact you , you can update the order or cancel  it.
After the confirmation , we will start the wallet making.Usually we needs 5 to 7 days to do this .But if the wallet needs to be carved, it will take longer time for about 15 days or so. Because Vegetable Tanned Leather can be oxidated by the air and the sunshine,the color will be slowly changes too~ ~ So in order to ensure that your wallet is the original color and state, we start the wallet making according to the order~
And send the shipping information via email to you, so you can track the parcel.
Under normal circumstances,the parcel will arrive after 13 to 15 days .

10.How long till I get my stuff?!? GIMMIE!
The package will arrive after 10 to 13 days under normal circumstances.The parcel may be delayed becuase of the bad weather,  or the transportation time is during holiday, or meet the customs problems.
If this kind of situation appeared,we will inform you at the first time, for the sake of you can grasp the parcel transportation situation timely~

11.Can I track my order?
In order to the better shopping experience for all,we choose the traceable transportation services, we will tell you the tracking number of the parcel after sending via email, in addition, if the  parcel' important status are updated, we will mail to inform you ,so that you can grasp the package transportation situation timely~

12.How much is the freight?
All free shipping! And if you buy more than one goods at the same time and they belong to the same supplier, you will get some discount.

13.I purchase mulitiple products in your store,Why there is no discount if the supplier is diffrent?
In order benefits the customer with the most affordable price, we have no inventory,the supplier is responsible for the delivery.Because of no inventory and no inventory capital cost,so we can guarantee the product price is the most appropriate ~ Although this may have caused the customers feel inconceivable~

14.Do I have to pay tax pr import fees?
Yes,you have to pay for the relevant taxes and import costs.

15.what is the Returns Policies?
We offer returns for most items within 7 days of receipt of shippment. Most items sold on the net follow our general returns policies, but some products have different policies or requirements associated with them.Some products have additional conditions that may apply. For more information, go to About Our Returns Policies.(click here)

16.Can I update or cancel my order?
Yes,you can do it before transportation.

17.What should I pay attention to when I am signing for goods?
Please open the package carefully.If the product were damaged  in the process of opening the package  because of your or others' carelessness, we will not responsible for that.

18.Why you are never hold promotional events?
 Because the promotion will only make you buy some needless goods, you could spentd the money on more meaningful things.

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