Welcome to EverHandmade!

Did you know that Ever Handmade is not just a leather products shop?  It's a brand that's dedicated to introducing the finest customized, handmade leather goods to the world.  From the selection of leather from Italy, Argentina, Japan, to the cutting, sewing, carving, it's a spirit of the craftsmanship in display.

EverHandmade has gathered a group of passionated craftsmen from the China, Italy, Turkey, Denmark, Thailand, and everywhere else. Each one of them has been designing and producing leather goods for over 10 years.  It was the thoughts of the "Global Village" that brought each talent together, and it's the same thought that we wish to pass on to you.

That's right, although our showroom is located at the heart of Chengdu, SiChuan China ( Address: CaiNiaoYiZhan XinLingJiaYuan PeiHuaLu 312,  GuangHuaJieDao, ChengYang   PS: sorry, the local store was closed one year ago, only online store now, we ship out most of items from Hongkong ), we DO ship world-wide.  We would love to be able to say hi to you in person, if you ever get a chance to visit Chengdu. Meanwhile, feel free to speak to us on Facebook , or check out our pins on Pinterest.