What's mens wallet with chain?

As the name suggests, a wallet with a chain is a trouser chain wallet, sometimes called a biker wallet or chain wallet. A ring on one side of this wallet can be hung with a chain. Generally, this chain can be disassembled and worn alone; We often call it pants chain or wallet chain. The primary function of this wallet chain is to prevent theft, and it also serves as a fashion accessory.

Why should you have a wallet with chain?

The above definition has also been mentioned, it is for anti-theft and decoration. If you are a fashionista, rock music lover, biker, or trucker, then a chain wallet is what you must have. Especially as a biker, in addition to leather jackets, skull rings, wallets with chains are a very important fashion item, especially wallets with skull designs.

How to pick the right wallet with chain?

Choose wallets with chains of different styles, capacities, and sizes according to your needs. Usually, we put the wallet with a chain in the back pants pocket. After all, it is our most convenient pocket. In the past, you might worry about the wallet being stolen, but now you don’t need to worry about this problem with the wallet chain. And the wallet in the back pocket can be of any size. Just think about the style you like. Pants' front pockets are also available. However, for convenience and comfort, we usually only carry small chain wallets.
Well, without further ado, in order for everyone to better choose wallets with chains, we have selected 20 wallets with chains of different styles and sizes, I hope you will like them.
1.This is a wallet with a chain with a unique shape and design. First of all, it is different from the sharp edges and corners of ordinary wallets. This wallet adopts a rounded corner design, which is less tough and more agile and sleek. The unique buckle closure design makes it impressive. Handcrafted from the finest top-grain leather. The size is 21cmx10cmx1.5cm. From dyeing to stitching are all done by hand. A bifold wallet with 6 card slots, 2 bill slots, a zipper slot, and a note slot. Basically, it can meet the daily needs of most people. The decorative buckles and trouser chains on the buckle are detachable, that is to say, you can decide how to wear it, and changing trouser chains and buttons of different styles will become a completely different wallet. A wallet can play a lot of tricks. If you like something different from others, then this wallet is definitely worth your consideration.
2.This is a very classic men's wallet with chain, which is made of crocodile pattern leather with a low-key and cool style. Take off the trouser chain and it becomes a top pocket wallet that can be put into the clothes pocket. Contains 11 cards, 1 id holder, and 3 full bill slots. Basically, it can meet the daily needs of most people. The size is 18.8cm x 9cm x 0.5cm, and the chain is 50cm long.
3.This is also a men's wallet with a wallet chain and a classic design, which is very suitable for truckers or motorcycle enthusiasts. Crafted from the finest top grain cowhide leather, very thick, with two decorative clasps on the outside and a magnetic clasp on the inside. 6 card slots, 2 bill slots, and one zipper slot, suitable for people who don't carry many. The design is straightforward; if you are a minimalist, this wallet is worthy of your wish list. The dimensions are 18.7cm x 9.7cm x 1cm. Pants chain length 50cm
4.This is a retro-style tri-fold wallet with a chain. The very classic tri-fold vertical design allows you to take cards very conveniently. It can hold 12 cards, and it also includes 2 bill slots and even a mobile phone. , 1 zipper slot. The trouser chain is a 40cm, high-quality brass trouser chain, which is not a problem at all in terms of sturdiness. Crafted from the finest crinkled style top-grain cowhide. Absolutely classic. 18cm x 10cm x 1.5cm. If you carry a lot of cards, this wallet will solve all your problems.
5.If you don't want to simply buy a wallet with a chain and don't want to wear a chain all the time, then this wallet with a chain is a good choice. Remove the chain, it's a billfold that can be put into the front pocket of clothes, including 6 card slots and 2 bill slots. Made of crazy horse leather, you can see the retro and old style emanating from every position of the wallet. The dimensions are 9.6cm x 11.6cm x 1.5cm. Chain length 41cm
6.This is a trouser chain wallet with full marks in all aspects, made of the best soft top grain leather, trifold wallet, including 14 card slots, three bill slots, and a zipper slot, which can store receipts or change. It can also be used as a mobile phone, and it can also be used as a travel wallet, in which there is a convenient interlayer behind the card slot, which can hold passports and boarding pass. Matching leather trouser chain fastened with two snap buttons at the front. The size is 19cm x 10cm x 1.6cm,
7.This is a small, compact square zip wallet with a trouser chain. The trouser chain is detachable, and after being removed, it becomes a front pocket wallet that can be placed in the jacket pocket. It is made of the best top grain leather, with a wrinkled retro design, and a pure copper trouser chain. In stating it is of very good quality. This wallet contains 4 card slots and even has a separate coin pocket on one side. If you don't carry many cards, this wallet is definitely worth having! It is also a good choice to give to your beloved as a gift.
8.This is a really cool wallet with a pant chain. Also has a classic biker wallet design. The texture of the wallet in crocodile-print cowhide makes it hard not to take center stage, and with the matching belt loop included, the whole wallet has a wild, uninhibited feel. The interior contains 8 card slots, which can basically meet the needs of almost everyone, including 2 bill slots and a zipper slot. Crafted from the finest top-grain leather, it's hand-stitched so you don't have to worry about quality.
9.This is also a wallet with a classic design and a trouser chain. It contains 12 card slots, 1 ID slot, and even a mobile phone slot. It adopts a horizontal card slot design that is different from most wallets, which is very convenient. The matching braided leather trouser chain doubles as a separate keychain as it contains 3 individual keyrings. The inside of the wallet also contains two bill slots, and an extra large L zipper slot on the outside, which can hold a mobile phone or more bills. Available in two colors. Black, bright red. . very stylish. If you're tired of black, or brown. Such a red wallet is definitely worth a try. Most importantly, unlike ordinary wallets, even if this wallet is red, you will not feel that it is a women's wallet. very cool!!
10.This is a cooler purse with a trouser chain, and you read that right, it's made of snakeskin. The outside of the wallet is made of python leather, and the inside is made of the best top-grain leather, handmade and stitched. Super cool double leather design. From the appearance, it is hard to reject him, but it also has a problem, that is, because the leather is too good, it is a bit thick, and the double-layer leather design makes it more bulky and very thick. If you like slim wallets, then sorry this might not be for you. . It also includes a matching belt buckle and braided jeans chain. The interior contains 10 card slots, two bill slots, and a zip slot. This capacity can basically meet the needs of most people. In addition, because of its bulky design, it is only suitable for wearing in the back pocket of trousers. Great for the rider crowd.
11.If you don't like the bulky long chain wallet above, then this compact tri-fold trouser chain wallet is the style you can consider adding to your shopping cart. The appearance is minimal, with 10 card slots and one bill slot. There is a five-star decorative buckle in the upper right corner of the front. If you are a Texan, then you must like this decoration representing the Texas Star! The trouser chain is detachable as a separate key chain.
12. This is a very special wallet with a large capacity because it contains a zipper, one of the layers can be removed, so that it can be changed at will, if you want to carry more, you can install it, if you think it is too thick, you can remove it The single layer inside can be used alone as a zipper wallet. Very convenient! This wallet contains 9 card slots, 4 bill slots, 1 mobile phone slot, 1 photo slot, and 1 sim card slot. And there are many colors to choose from, 5 colors, there is always one that suits you!!
13.This wallet is similar to the 11th one. It is also a vertical tri-fold wallet with a trouser chain, but it is more retro in style and includes two snap buttons to close, including 2 bill slots, 10 card slots, and 1 ID slot. There are even two key slots! ! The capacity is super large, and the design is very classic, which is very suitable for people who like retro style.
14.This is a super cool pant chain wallet that is hand-carved and hand-stitched. Zip closure with 8 card slots, 4 note slots, and 1 zip slot. Great for riders and rockers alike.
15.This wallet is similar to the previous one, it has an extra hand strap, the design adopts the design of the call of the wild wolf, it is very cool, and the price is much cheaper than the generally tooled wallet, students who like it should not miss it, and tooled wallets are usually The best top grain leather is used. Sometimes the carving is very deep, and thick cowhide will be used, so you don't have to worry about the quality at all.
16.This is a cool tooled wallet with a trouser chain. The streamlined wallet body makes it look very elegant, and the engraved pattern of the Japanese samurai is very cool. If you like Japanese culture, or like to play Japanese video games, then this wallet is definitely worth your consideration. The interior contains 10 card slots, 2 bill slots, and 1 zipper slot. Crafted from the finest thick top grain leather and hand stitched so you don't have to worry about quality.
17.This is a wallet with a chain similar to the eleventh one. It is tri-fold, simple, and has a large capacity. It has 10 card slots and 1 bill slot. If you are a minimalist, then this wallet should not miss! !
18.This is also a wallet with a cool design. First of all, its closure buckle is in the upper left corner, and its style is very unique. The overall color is a hand-rubbed gray. The overall feeling is cold and simple. Crafted from the finest top-grain leather. There are 8 card slots, two bill slots, and a zipper slot. The trouser chain is 45cm long. If you like this kind of industrial nonchalance, then this wallet is worth your consideration.
19.This is a wallet with a trouser chain tooled with arabesque patterns, and it is a leather trouser chain! The classic biker wallet style, including 8 card slots, 2 bill slots, and 1 zipper slot, is made of the best top grain leather, very thick cowhide, so the wallet is also relatively thick, so it is only suitable for placing on trousers Back pocket. If you like retro style, especially western style, you must have this wallet!
20.This is a simple, retro trouser chain wallet, made of top grain leather, including 7 card slots, two bill slots, and one ID window, very simple, very thin, and the most important thing is the price, very reasonable, and ideal for truckers.