Biker Wallet ChainsChains play a large roll in biker dress and are often worn around their necks, wrists and attached to their wallets. Biker wallet chains are a popular accessory for bikers adding to their overall wardrobe and look.

The majority of biker wallet chains are quite long and attach to your wallet and then to one of your belt loops. The remainder of the chain hangs down from the wallet and the loops reach your hip and thighs.

Biker wallet chains come in a wide variety of different styles. You can buy single, double or triple strand wallet chains. Some chains are made from leather and others of metal while still others are a combination of both metal and leather. While some of strands of biker chains are thin strands others are much thicker strands or even twisted together.

Ornamentation On Biker Chains

Many biker chains have ornaments attached to the chain or worked into the chain itself. Some of these ornaments are located near where the chain attaches to the wallet or your belt loop. Other ornaments appear with in the chain itself and may take the place of the standard chain hoops. Some of the ornaments you are likely to see on biker chains include; skulls both made of metal as well as bone colored, bones, feathers, Iron crosses, barbed wire, spikes, and even an artist rendition of dragon claws or wild animal teeth.


Biker Wallet Chains

Why Do Bikers Love Wallet Chains

Most people think that bikers wear wallet chains because it makes them look cooler, tougher, or simply part of the group and while there is little doubt that this is one of the reasons why bikers wear wallet chains there is a more practical reason why they do so.

Anyone who has done much riding on a motorcycle knows that even the best bike tends to vibrate and this vibration can easily vibrate your wallet out of your back pocket where you can lose it and may not notice it is gone until miles or hours later. Since wallets generally carry important information and items such as money, credit cards, your ID, Proof of insurance and even your bikes registration loosing these items can be difficult and time consuming to replace. A wallet chain ensure that you don't lose your wallet even it works out of your pocket during a ride.

In addition, bikers are not immune to crime either and all too often a wallet has been lifted from someone's pocket during a big biker event. The wallet chain provides some protection from would be pick pockets.

Biker Wallet Chains


Cost of Wallet Chains

Wallet chains like other type of jewelry can run the gambit from dirt cheap to extremely expensive, depending on the style of the chain and the type of material the chain is made from. Cheaper chain link single strand wallet chains can often be picked dirt cheap starting at $5.00 or $6.00. Fine quality leather, sterling silver or gold chains may run as much as $100.00 or more and custom made chains using precious metals can run too or three times higher than $100.00. It all depends on your style, taste and budget what price you will pay for their wallet chain.