Men Brown Leather Biker Wallet with Chain
Although many motorcycle groups like to travel together, every biker is determined to express their individuality. They do this in a number of ways from the graphics they have put on their bikes, to the clothes they wear, to their jewelry and even those biker wallets.
To a biker his wallet is more than somewhere to keep their money and their ID safe. It is also a means of expressing their own unique personality to themselves, their friends and perfect strangers.
Biker wallets can be long or short and may come with or without attached wallet chains.
These wallets may be made from various materials including; leather, snake or crocodile skin as well as synthetic materials.
Biker wallets may also be bifold or trifold.

Biker Wallet Decorations

While many bikers do prefer plain wallets most choose to have some type of decorated wallet. Decorations on these wallets may include studs or intricate tooling or embossing. Embossed biker wallets range from a small embossed or tooled detail to the entire wallet being decorated. Skulls are a favorite design, but there are other designs as well such as Indian chiefs, gargoyles, snakes, crosses and many other designs. Some bikers even get custom made wallets that have the same design as one of their tattoos.
Skull Leather Biker Wallet

Colors of Bikers Wallets

While many biker wallets comes in the traditional browns, blacks and tan colors some with colored accents and some without. Some dyed leather wallets are also owned by bikers with the favored color for full colored or accented wallets being red or a reddish color, while green and blue and even yellow also appear as accents. There are also blue and green solid colored wallets with only embossing to make the design stand out.
Brown Leather Biker Wallet

Choosing the Right Biker Wallet for You

If you are looking to choose a biker wallet to express your own unique personality then you are going to want to spend a bit of time looking at various wallets from various companies and choosing the one that best meets your expectations. Or look for a company that custom makes wallets and design your own unique bikers wallets. There are several different companies that manufacture or hand make biker wallets you just need to find the one that best suits your own personality and style.
Leather Black Cross Biker Wallet

Where to Purchase That Biker Wallet

Anyone who has been a biker awhile has a favorite shop either online or off where they purchase their biker accessories. If you are a fairly new motorcycle fanatic then you may want to talk to other biker enthusiasts and discover where they like to shop or simply check online for biker shops near you or choose from a varied selections of online stores that offer biker accessories that is sure to have the right wallet for you.