Cool Leather Long wallets for menToday the wallet industry of men has become as bigger as the wallet industry of women. That's why today we have so many options to pick a perfect wallet for men. The wallet comes in all styles and sizes but among them, the most stylish and trendy is leather long wallet. By adding the touch of leather, you can enhance the look of a wallet.

More and more men prefer picking leather long wallet which are also called coat wallet because one can hold more stuff in long wallet as compare to small wallets. For example, you can hold cellphone, checkbook, credit cards, passport and even a boarding pass in case if you are travelling.

While there are so many options available under the long wallets for men, it could still become difficult for a new buyer to decide that what makes a cool and best wallet for men. To help you with this, I bring my list of coolest and best long leather wallets for men. The following list of long wallets for men is based on the number of holders, slots, design, quality of leather, price and other related features like size, weight and measures etc.


1. Biker Leather Long Chain Trifold Wallet 

Handmade biker chain wallet leather chain wallet men Brown long wallet

A leather mens wallet with chain is not necessarily made for the biker but it is usually famous as biker wallet because of chain it part of biker's culture and enhances the look of the biker. This does not mean that you can’t have a chain wallet. Out first long wallet for men is a leather biker wallet with a chain which has been designed for all time for men as it is ideal when they are biking or traveling.

This cool leather biker wallet is made from full grain leather and it is 100% durable. I will call it a leather wallet as it does not damage when you camping or traveling around. The leather is soft but tough enough to suitable in all seasons. This biker chain wallet is available in brown and black color which means that it can go with all style of outfits, whether you are wearing jeans or a formal dress.

By design, it is a trifold long wallet for men with good length of chain. Its total measures are 18.5cm x 10cm x 1.5cm where its weight is 0.25kg. This brown chain wallet has been made from full grain leather which is also called soft leather and it is available in two different colors; black and brown. For bikers, it is ideal due to its chain length which is about 41 cm along with the wallet size. When you open this cool trifold long wallet, you will found 14 card holder slots, 1 full-size bill slot, 1 zip slow and 1 passport slot which. The zip slots are specifically made to hold cash.

The main attraction of this long wallet is the original leather pattern which is now becoming rear to found where the chain has just doubled its look.


2. Vintage Long Wallet for Men Bifold With Detachable Card Holder

Handmade men long leather wallet men vintage brown gray long wallet for him

WOW, what a cool long wallet for men. I am sure that this is your reaction when you look at the photos of this beautiful vintage style men wallet. The vintage style men wallets are always in fashion and stay in the fashion for years. So, investing money in this beautiful wallet will actually save you money as you don’t need to change your wallet with time in the future. It is suitable for working men, bikers and travelers. I would call it a biker wallet more due to its vintage leather pattern as the biker like them most.

This beautiful vintage style wallet has been made by hands but still, the finishing is very clean. This makes it very hard to find any scar on it. Even, having one would enhance the appearance of the wallet as this is called the beautiful original leather. Due to the high quality of leather, this handmade long leather wallet for men is 100% durable and does not get damaged under the heat of the sun or in the rain etc. You can have this long leather wallet in all four seasons.

This cool leather men wallet has been made by considering the need of a general person that's why there are so many slots including slots for the bill, cards, and phone and even there is a detachable card holder too.

The total measures of this leather wallet for men are 18cm x 10.5cm x 1.8cm which ensures that it is long enough to put your important stuff but by weight, it is very light. Yes, its total weight it only 0.25 Kg. It is available in two colors; brown and gray with the same vintage style. There are no chain or custom designs included in it. There are 8 card holder, 2 slots for license and 2 full-size bill slots in this long wallet of men. For extras, there are slots for the photo, phone, and detachable card slot etc.


3. Vintage Leather Long Wallet for Men with Lot of Credit Cards Holders

Leather biker trucker wallet leather chain men Brown Coffee long wallet

Leather biker trucker wallet leather chain men Brown Coffee long wallet


Nothing could be fancier than a leather product in a coffee color. This cool long leather wallet for men has it. Yes, it is available in two different colors including coffee with vintage style. Long wallets are popular for bikers but this is not for them and specifically designed for the formal use. By adding a chain on the hook of this wallet, this can be easily turned into a biker chain wallet.

IF we talk about its design and color scheme, there is no doubt that this wallet is just pure manly and represents masculinity. This wallet also has a detachable wristlet strap which you to hold it in your wrist all the time for good show off especially when you are wearing the meeting suit. Here I would like to mention that, the vintage style and exclusive colors are not the only things which make this wallet exclusive but the availability of slots and use of original full grain leather too. For optional, this wallet can be purchased with a wearable chain which will look hot when wearing around the jeans (like bikers do).

Wondering what you can hold in this wallet? Well, its total measures are 21.5cm x 10.5cm x 1.5cm which means that it has enough space for cards, bill, money, and photo and even for the phone. There are 1 zip full-size bill slot, 14 card holders, and 1 photo holder slot available in this handmade leather wallet but still, this wallet is very light in weight (0.25 Kg only).

This is a soft cool leather men’s long wallet which has been made from full grain leather. It goes well in all weather due to its durability. I suggest this wallet to the working men and those who love to be in a formal dress all the time.


4. Vintage Brown Leather Long Wallet for Men with Large Bill Slot

Whether you wear the formal or informal dress, jeans or formal pants or the full office suit, a vintage long leather wallet which is also handmade will enhance your look at the time, especially when it is available in pure brown color with dark scars on it. Because the leather with scars enhances the value of a leather product and also ensure that the wallet you are carrying is made from original leather.

This cool wallet has been made from the soft leather which is full grain leather. It is pure durable wallet which could be used throughout the year. The designer of this handmade leather long wallet for men ensures that this long wallet can be easily fit in the pocket of pant, whether its jeans or formal dress pant. That's why the length of this wallet is just perfect.

Wonder what's the size of this professional looking handmade long wallet of man? Well, its measures are 19.3cm x 10cm x 2.5cm and weight is only 0.2 Kg. When we talk about its slots, it has more than what you expect. It has 2 large full bill slots along with 6 card holders, 1 change slot, and 1 zip slot. The zip slot is specifically added for the cash only. The old style men long wallet use to have change slot, but the designer of this wallet has included this into this beautiful and cool wallet for men.

This is an ideal cool leather wallet to have due to its exclusive color scheme which is beyond brown due to the dark brown pattern on it. To look extra handsome along with this wallet, wear brown shoes and belt too.


5. Handmade Vintage Leather Large Long Wallets for Men with Lots of Layers


I love it when a long wallet for men comes up with a lot of slots without running the original style and design of the wallet for which these types of wallets are popular among the men. My next pick is all about a wallet which does not only have slots for phone, cards, bills and zipper slots etc but this wallet also has holders for pens, checkbook, boarding pass and even for the earphone. Aren’t these excited? I am sure that your answer is yes.

While the main attractions for this handmade leather long wallet for men are its number of slots but there is so much to discuss the beauty of its designs. This wallet is based on vintage style and it is a big wallet with book design. You can also call it a book wallet due to its design. It can used carry everything for any occasion. Whether you are a biker or office going person, this is the coolest wallet for men. It can hold earphones, hold boarding pass, hold a checkbook and hold a lot of pens etc. The chain comes up with the wallet so you don’t need to invest separately for it.

This is a big and cool wallet by size but still, its weight is only 0.40 Kg with the measures of 20m x 12cm x 2cm. This wallet is available in five different colors; brown, black, dark, green and red but my most favorite is brown which is available in dark color and exclusive shades around the corner. It is made from the grain leather which is also known as soft leather as well.

So, buy this cool wallet if you are looking for a versatile leather wallet which can be last for years due to its durability and high quality of leather.

6. Vintage Cool Leather Long Wallet for Men with Lots of Card Holders



A cheap long leather wallet is hard to found especially when you are looking for a vintage style long leather wallet as they as expensive due to their texture and pattern. My next pick is for you if you are looking for a cool wallet for men which has soft leather and available in vintage style.

This handmade wallet is available in two different colors; gray and brown with enough space to put your cards, bill and even the phone. This wallet has been produced from animal hide while to keep the originality of the leather, there hasn’t been any chemical used except the colors to give it a new look in different colors. Its full grain leather allows you to keep it for up to five years (it can go beyond five years too) because it is durable and even the water can damage it in case of rain.

The dimensions of this long wallet are 18cm x 9.5cm x 2cm where its weight is 0.2 Kg only. By price, it is very low and it is hard to found a low price leather wallet at this price. I talk about the number of slots, you will be shocked to know that there are many slots available even the price of this product is very low. There are 2 full-size bill slots, 12 card holders, 1 change slot, 1 phone slot and 1 zip slot. You can put your essentials in this wallet without worrying about the additional room for new cards.

This cool wallet does not come up with any chain but if you have one, then you can use the detachable strap to attach a chain with this wallet and also use it as a biker wallet. Especially the availability of colors allows you to carry this wallet with any outfit including informal dresses.


7. Handmade Vintage Leather Biker Zipper Long Wallet for Men 

Tired with simple leather wallet designs? Here I come up with an eye-catching leather long wallet for men which are not just made from leather but also have an exclusive design on the corners. It is 100% handmade and yet there is not a single scar to found. To take it to a whole new level, you can add the optional chain with this wallet which can be ordered along with the cool wallet. This is a new generation leather wallet that's why it is available in some dark colors like coffee, brown and black. Each of them is superb but the wallet with coffee looks very expensive due to its color and shading did around the corner. Due to its design, this wallet can be used as clutch leather too and can be carried a man purse or even as a fashion accessory.

The measures of this wallet are 20cm x 10.5cm x 3cm and weight is only 0.4 Kg. If you look, this wallet is a bit bigger than the average long wallet for men available in the market. The reason behind the extra length is the extra rooms which allow you to hold the phone and other essentials. There are 2 full-size bill slots, 8 card holders, and 1 zip slot. The sold is big enough to hold the phone. Instead of using regular leather, the design has using Italian natural vegetable tanned leather to make this masterpiece.

The chain is known as the main attraction of the biker wallet. So, use it as a biker wallet or make it cool chain wallet, you have to purchase chain separately. The chain should be exclusive in design just like the rest of the wallet to keep it up to the standard of the fashion.


8. Handmade Personalized Tooled Hobbit Leather Long Wallet for Men

This hobbit craved leather custom long wallet is one of the most demanding long leather wallets for men. From swing the leather to crafting the theme of Hobbit, everything has been done by hands. This handmade leather wallet can be used as a personalized card holder, phone holder and even as a man clutch. It is one of the expensive wallets available in my list of coolest and best wallet for men but the reason behind its high price is the artwork done by the designers by hand to keep it original, exclusive and defiantly expensive.

This wallet has been made from Italian head layer cowhide. It has been colored later to give it the Hobbit theme look and print the art related to the Hobbit movie. If you take a look at the art, you will found that there is custom art done which is not only inspired from the movie or book but it actually represents many figures and text of the movie.

The measures of this cool wallet for men are 19cm x 10.5cm x 1.5cm. The weight of this product is only 0.35 kg. Again the main attraction for this best wallet is the artwork. The company is selling it as a brown color wallet but this is not generally brown color or there is no single color on the wallet. Its corners are very well shaded with dark brown and coffee color to enhance its beauty.

As we know that the leather extracted from cowhide last longer, durable and weather resistant. This guarantees the long lasting life of the wallet. So, do not ignore this masterpiece due to its high price look at the number of years for which you are going to use it in future.

9. Vintage Zipper Phone Long Wallets for men

We have seen many leather wallets which come up with the options to hold your phone but there are very few wallets which has a special holder for the phone include a separate holder with zipping. This men clutch which is based on the vintage wallet design has both of them and advertises as both men clutch and long wallet for men.

It is a vintage style man wallet with an extra slot to hold the phone. The vintage style color has been done amazingly on this wallet because you can easily see the old style pattern on it with dark brown color. This enhances the beauty of this wallet and makes it stand at the top among our other long wallets.

This wallet has been made from full grain leather which is durable and can be last for many years. By design, its price is quite low as compared to other leather wallets mentions. So, it is a great item to purchase or even a gift to your best friend. This soft leather wallet also has an outside change slot which can be used for coins and even put important notes. It is up to you that how you utilized it. This slot also has a zip which enhances the overall design of this leather wallet.

By measure, this wallet is 21.5m x 10.2cm x 2cm with 0.35 Kg weight. The reason behind its big size is the addition of new slots. There are 1 full-size bill slots, 12 card holders, 1 zip slot, 1 phone slot outside and 1 zip slot outside. No chain included in the price, but you can purchase one to make it a biker's wallet. This wallet also contains zero clasps and knot snap.

This long-lasting durable leather wallet is a perfect man clutch for the working man as its design is formal which will look more suitable on the guy with formal dressing.


10. Handmade Coffee Long Wallet for Men with Detachable Card Holders

Are you looking for a custom handmade long wallet for men? Here we have a great option for you. This long wallet is made from the original wallet and has the option to customize as per your choice. You can ask the company to write a name or draw something special for you. This will only cost you $10. This beautiful wallet which can be also used as a men clutch is available in pure coffee color without any pattern.

This wallet does not come alone but with a detachable inner. This inner is specifically designed to hold cards and change as there is zip slot included in it.

This wallet is made from the cowhide leather. This leather is durable and weather resistant. This means that you can clean it with the help of a cloth and clean water without damaging the leather and even the shine. Due to its durability, this wallet should last a lifetime

The dimensions of this beautiful leather wallet are 20.5cm x 10.5cm x 3.5cm which means that it is a very slim clutch. But still, it has enough space to hold many things as it has large full bill slot, detachable card holder and even a zip slot of change. Officially it has 1 full-size bill slot, 6 card holders, 1 zipper slot and 1 phone slot.

This vintage style men clutch is perfect wallets to gift you’re loved one because it has the option to include your own custom design by paying only $10.


11. Handmade Vintage Personalized Gray Long Wallets for Men

When we talked about the men accessories, the colors like black, blue, brown and gray comes to our mind. I have not shared a gray color leather long wallet for men yet. So, here we have one. This gray long wallet is also available in beige color too so you still have an option in case if you like this wallet due to its number of slots and design.

This wallet is based on the vintage style and can be used as a wristlet bag due to the detachable clutch strap which can be also used for the chain in case if you want to turn this wallet into a chain wallet. This cool wallet for men is a handmade wallet in which cowhide has been used to give a pure leather product to the men. Due to its modern design, this men wallet can be used as a men clutch and even as a wristlet bag but it is very small to call a bag.

20cm x 10cm x 3cm is its total measure where it weighs only 0.35 Kg. This wallet has enough space to hold the phone. This wallet has 2 full-size bill slots, 1 zip slow and 8 card holders’ slot. The large full bill slot of this wallet can be used as a license slot too. The zipper slot can be used as a phone holder or for the paper notes etc.

This is a very durable wallet. As per customer's reviews, this wallet lasts at least 5 years so we will rank this leather wallet as a wallet which can last for a lifetime due to the quality of excellent leather used to make this wallet.


12. Handmade Vintage Gray Leather Long Wallet for Men with Strap

The dark gray color long wallet can go well with all type of outfits. Especially, if you are a biker and looking for a versatile color leather wallet, then this wallet could be an ideal choice for you. It is available only single color (dark gray) so no need to be worried about the choice of color.

The design of this wallet is not only inspired by the vintage style but the overall look too as it has a button instead and old style zip slot for the security of your important things. This wallet comes up with a detachable strap which allows you to use it is a wrist wallet. You can also replace this strap with a stylish chain to make it a chain wallet for bikers so they can wear the chain around their pant.

It is a custom leather wallet. Any type of custom design, name or art can be added simply by paying $10 extra. By price, it is very affordable. So paying extra to make it more customize is not a bad idea. This also allows you to use this feature when you are looking for a wallet to gift your friend. You can ask to write his name on the top of the wallet.

The measures of this wallet are 19cm x 10.5cm x 2cm and its weight is only 0.35 Kg. There are 4 full-size bill slots, 12 card holders, and 1 phone slot. Yes, there are extra slots to put your essential there including driving license and other important cards, cash and change etc. Especially, I like the large full bill slot because usually, the bill slot comes with the medium size.

Buy this vintage style long wallet as a gift for your biker friend to have one for your own daily use.


13. Handmade Personalized Leather Passport Wallet Travel Wallet


I am very excited to write about this vintage style leather wallet which is one of my favorite due to the color combination and the way the design of this wallet has added a very soft pattern on it which look very natural and smooth. Due to its design, this wallet can be carried on any occasion. Even the bikers can have it as it is available in different colors like coffee and black gray. While both colors are outstanding but my most favorite is light coffee gray which gives you a very comfortable feel.

This is not just another random vintage style long wallet for men but it is a complete travel wallet too because it has space to hold the phone, hold a passport, hold boarding pass, hold a checkbook, there is a full bill slot and also a slot to hold a pen. Due to so many rooms, this is an ideal wallet for businessmen. I know, you must be thinking about its size because a standard style wallet does not have that many slots and space to carry different item. Well, this wallet also based on the standard size of the long wallet.

Its measures are 20.5cm x 11.5cm x 1.5cm (yes, it is very slim) and its weight is only 0.35 Kg. This wallet can be used as a men clutch, businessman purse, and a travel wallet as well due to its features. There are 8 card holders, 1 full-size bill slot, 1 passport slot, 1 photo slot, 1 ticket slot and 1 change slot. It does not come up with any additional accessories but you can attach a chain with it for extra styling.

This is a very stylish custom leather wallet. You can add your name or special art on it by paying a little extra. So, buy this right now as it is available at a very cheap price at the moment. The price could go up at any time.


14. Handmade Personalized Leather Long Travel Wallet


You must be noticed that I am not sharing the stylish travel wallets now. Well, it is the need of time. In past men, the wallet was limited for the cash only but now the long wallet means a safe accessory to keep all the important stuff including travel documents like passport or boarding pass etc.

This handmade leather men travel wallet is an ideal gift for your friend who loves to travel because it has enough room to put all travel related essentials. This wallet is also ideal for businessmen as they can put important documents in different slots of this wallet including the bill, pen, and passport and boarding pass etc. While this wallet can be gifted to bikers but its design is more formal which will suitable for working men.

The size of this wallet is 16.5cm x 10.5cm x 2cm with 0.35 Kg. It is a bit thicker than others due to the number of extra slots. It has a full bill slot, slot to hold a passport and hold boarding pass etc. Here are some more details about its slots; 2 half size bill slot, 3 card holders, 1 passport slot,1 photo slot and 1 boarding pass slot.

This is a 100% durable long leather wallet as cowhide has been used to make this wallet. It is available in different colors including green, blue, red and light coffee, so you have the option to pick among them. I would highly suggest going with green or blue color wallets as they look very trendy when carried in hand or used as a wrist wallet or clutch.


15. Handmade Vintage Leather Biker Long Wallets



Wow, what a beautiful and stylish long leather wallet for the biker. This is what I said when I first look at this beautiful handsome leather biker trucker wallet. A leather product with tan and coffee color always enhances the look of leather. This wallet was available in camel color too but due to the high demand of tan color, it is now available in tan and coffee colors which are ideal for the men especially for the biker and truckers as they like to have the dark color accessories because these types of colors are popular in their society.

The wallets mentioned above do not have enough designs over but this is really a stylish biker wallet as there is a skull or steel has been printed over the top of the front side. This wallet can be purchased with braided leather chain, brass chain and with a brass feather. It is totally up to you to decide that which one you like most. You can also purchase it without any of these extra accessories but I would suggest purchasing this wallet with brass chain and brass feather as it looks very stylish with tan and coffee color.

The measure of this wallet is 20cm x 9.5cm x 2cm and it is made from Italian natural vegetable tanned leather which is fully grained leather. Its weight is 0.4 and it has 2 full-size bill slots, 4 card holders, 3 half slots and 1 zip slot. This wallet can be purchased with a chain and feather for extra styling. It is ideally designed for truckers and bikers that's why it is called trucker wallet and motorcycle wallet or biker wallet.

There is a cramp ring button on the top of the wallet. If you don’t like it, you can easily remove it with the help of a screwdriver.


16. Handmade Leather Tooled Tibet Long Zipper Wristlet Wallet for Men



I have saved the best one for the last. If you are looking for a trendy and fashion long, handsome and leather wallet then you should ignore all of above options and instantly pick this black wallet as there is no better-designed wallet with creative artwork available at the moment. Due to its exclusive design, this wallet can be carried as a men clutch.

There is an exclusive cramp button on the top of this biker wallet. This is a removable and replaceable artwork. If you don’t like it, you can simply remove it with the help of a screwdriver. I will suggest keeping it as it looks very stylish and goes with both formal and informal dress. This wallet comes up with a place like a clasp to hook the chain but you need to inform this while you are placing your order.

The measures of this stylish biker wallet are 20cm x 10cm x 3cm and its weight is 0.4 Kg. This wallet is a little bulky and available in single size. The reason behind its bulky size is the cramp ring/button on the top of the wallet and extra slots to put your essentials. There are 2 full-size bill slots, 8 card holders, and 1 zip slot. This wallet also has an outside phone holder to hold the phone.

This wallet is available in two different colors. Both of them look very nice as the designer has not used the general black and brown color but very special shades of both of them. Both colors can go well in all seasons.

Due to the durability of the leather, this wallet can last minimum 5 years as the Italian natural vegetable-tanned leather has used to make this handmade long leather wallet.




The number of more slots makes the long wallet exclusive from regular men wallet. So, ensure that you are purchasing the long wallet which has the maximum number of slots. This allow you to carry your phone, all necessary cards, license, bill, pen, passport and boarding card etc when you are travelling or going to work.