A fanny pack could be something new for the new generation because it was not very popular in early 2010 years as it uses to be in the 80s and 90s. But don’t worry as the fanny pack is now coming back with more popularity as there are more designs and sizes available where today's men fanny packs come up with more functionality which allow you to put as many as important items which you want at one place.


For a person who never purchased a fanny pack, it could be difficult to decide that how to buy one. I know there isn’t any special skill required but still, there are some important things which you must consider before you actually pay for a fanny pack as it is not your regular waist belt, money belt or belt pouch etc.

To help you with this, following I am sharing some excellent tips which will help you to buy a good quality and more functional fanny pack easily.

Why are you purchasing a fanny pack?

Before you buy an item, you must know the reason behind buying one. This will help you to pick the best. The fanny pack is not limited to use in a specific occasion. It is true that in part, people use it in case of water sports, fishing and boating etc but today, it is using more than just these places. Some people like to carry their essentials in fanny packs when they are running, working out in the gym, camping and even just a fashion item. So make sure that you know the reason behind buying one. This will also help you to pick the right size of a fanny pack.

Sizes do matter:

The need of buying a fanny pack will automatically help you to know that what should be your fanny packs size. The size plays a very important role because people purchase a fanny pack to carry their stuff without using hands or shoulder. If you are purchasing one to carry your essentials which you are running then you must go with the small size of fanny pack as you will not get disturbed while running. Same goes in other situations.

Waterproof fanny pack:

It is ideal to purchase a waterproof fanny pack which is usually made from materials like nylon, neoprene, and PVC. You won’t be worried about your essentials in fanny pack even if you jump in the water which is quite common in case of water sports and even while you are fishing and boating. Even a waterproof fanny pack helps you while you are running and starts raining.


Adjustable belt:

Make sure to choose fanny pack which has an adjustable belt and it can be easily fit no matter what size you may be. The belt could be worn under the clothing, so it should be comfortable to the skin and prevent scratching your suit etc.