Mens leather WalletsSo you have decided to purchase a man's wallet, which fit for different occasions? Well, this is not really a hard task. A stylish wallet, which is also versatile in design can be used for many occasions easily with a different dress. I do not like the idea of purchasing multiple wallets as it required you to transfer all the items again and again. This could make you lose some of your items accidentally. So it is always better to purchase a right men wallet which can be easily fit on different occasions, whether it’s a business meeting, office, wedding, traveling or just enjoying the party. A right designed wallet can be fit in all of these situations easily.

To purchase the right wallet, you must know the deep information about the wallet, which includes the material, size, types, design, tanning methods and much more. Following I am putting all of this information together, which will help you to pick the right wallet for different occasions.

Materials of the wallet:

The men wallets have been made from different materials but leather is the most common. The leather is not only durable, but also ensures that the wallet will be last for a number of the years. The popular hides which have been used to make a wallet for men are bridle hide and cowhide. They both have their own good features which makes them a quality hide to make leather and use for the wallet.

The cowhide is usually the most common material used for the biker wallet and long wallet. Its wallets are softer and look very luxury due to its soft feel. On other hands, the bridle hide has been extracted from saddles and other horse tacks. They usually have the natural texture and looks very original and luxury when turned into a leather wallet.

Wallet styles:

Like ladies bags, the men wallets are also available in different styles. There are different styles for biker wallet, which is usually billfold; there are slim wallets, coat or long wallet, men small wallet and minimalist. Sometimes even the cardholders and passport holders have been classified as men wallet.

Billfold: The billfolds are available in tri-fold and bi-fold options. If you are a person who has a lot of stuff to put then this is a great option in tri0fold. There are slots for cards, ID, photos, and bill etc. Everything can be easily organized in the billfold wallets.

Slim Wallets: The name says it on its own. They are very slim wallets which can easily fit in suits and slim slacks. They are less bulky and once can easily put in the back pocket as well. As compare to billfold, there are fewer rooms available for cards, photo and ID etc. They are defiantly not best for the traveler or a person who want to put a lot of stuff in the wallet. These wallets look very stylish in the front pocket.

Long Wallet: The coat wallets are also called the long wallet. They have been called long because of their length. They have been designed in this way t fit into the breast coat pocket easily. Because of their long size, there are many slots available including a slot to hold the mobile phone. These are not ideal if you are a person who likes to put the wallet in back pocket. The looks very classy and made from the high-quality leather to give a luxury look.