What's sling bag?

A sling bag is a relatively small-capacity bag that can be worn on the chest, back or waist through a strap. Perfect for commuting and travel when you don't need to carry much stuff. Among all the bags, the sling bag has the best anti-theft effect. After all, wearing it on the chest makes it difficult for thieves to succeed.



Different Types Of Sling Bag?

Before introducing how to wear the sling bag, we must make a simple classification of the sling bag. We can divide the sling bag into two types according to the shape: one is the horizontal version of the waist bag style sling bag, and the other is the vertical version. Backpack-style sling bag. We often call the waist bag style sling bag: waist pack, belt bag, and hip pack. In short, this kind of bag is more often worn on the waist. The second type of vertical Backpack-style sling bag is very similar to a slim backpack with only one shoulder strap, but we cannot wear it on the waist, only on the chest and back. Through the above classification, I believe you already know how to wear them. The various ways of wearing the fanny pack style sling bag make them more popular.


Today, I will introduce you to 6 common ways to wear a sling bag:

1. Across the Back

This method of wearing is suitable for both styles of sling bags.This way is more suitable for some young people or college boy, who look very handsome and have a kind of unrestrained rashness. The way is to lengthen the strap of the one-shoulder chest bag and pass it through the one shoulder like a regular messenger bag and let the bag lean on the middle of the back or the waist and hips, either on the left or the right. Many sporty men go to the gym like this back method. But be careful not to adjust the straps too long. If the bag hangs down to the hip or below, it will appear insufficiently youthful and energetic. This way of wearing is not suitable if you're in a crowd. After all, there is a risk of being stolen.


2. Across Your Chest

This method of wearing is suitable for both styles of sling bags.The sling bag is sometimes called a chest bag. As the name implies, wearing it across the chest is the right way! This is another common way of wearing a sling bag. Putting the bag on the chest, passing the strap through the arms and neck, around the back, and slung across the chest. Of course, it depends on your habits. Most of the people are still placed on the left chest. 
In the shows of many fashion brands, models use this way to appear. It is also a safer way for traveling and commuting, and it is also super convenient when accessing things. It is also the safest way to wear it, because in this case, you don't have to worry about theft at all. After all, no one can take your wallet under your nose.  
Choose a small size sling bag if you'd like to wear it in this way. If it is too large, it will be very cumbersome to put it on the chest. If it is made to stand up like a potbelly, it will be counterproductive! And don't put the sling bag too low. Otherwise, you will have to bend down when looking for something, and your image will be sloppy and inconvenient.

3. Around Your Waist(front, side, back)

This method of wearing is only suitable for fanny pack style sling bags. Fanny pack, waist bag, of course, must be worn on the waist. However, depending on the occasion and needs, there will be different ways to wear it. The usual way of wearing is to wear the sling bag at the center of the waist or slightly obliquely. The advantage of this way of wearing a sling bag is that you don't have to worry about things being stolen during your trip, and it's also very convenient to pick up things. At the same time, with suitable clothes and pants, the sling bag will be called highlighting your taste and style. In addition to wearing in the center, if you are not in a crowd but want to exercise or work, turn the waist bag to your side or back, providing you with enough flexibility to complete your work.

4. As A Shoulder Bag

Both styles of sling bags can be worn this way. This way of wearing is very similar to when we carry a backpack on one shoulder. Very convenient, because you can take off the bag and take things as quickly as possible.

5. As A Crossbody Bag

This method of wearing is only suitable for fanny pack style chest packs with long shoulder straps. If the shoulder strap is long enough and the bag is relatively large, you can wear a sling bag as a crossbody bag. But at this time, the bag is usually above your hips and fits perfectly with your body. Very suitable for people who like to ride bicycles.

6. Clamped Under The Armpit Like A Clutch Bag

Only suitable for fanny pack style sling bags. This way of wearing is very suitable for when you are used to inserting your hands into your pants pockets. And it's very safe. At the same time, you can turn it to your chest and back at any time, change the way of wearing it, and it's very convenient to take things.
Okay, now that you know the different ways to wear a sling bag, are you eager to try it? Quickly choose a sling bag that suits you!