A belt pouch is usually mixed with the men’s fanny pack which is actually a different thing. Size is not the only thing which makes belt pouch different from the fanny pack but the functionality, design, material and its usage. The belt pouch more work like a money pouch, that's why it has been called as money belt, money pouch and sometimes even a traveler pouch. Like fanny pack, the belt pouch is not mean to put things like water boatel as it is small in the size but it is more for the money, mobile, card and other essential. I won't be wrong if I say that the belt pouch works more like a wallet for the men.

It is important that you purchase the right belt pouch because it can be used for many years if purchased right. To help you with this, following I am sharing the expert’s tips to buying the belt pouch which has been inspired from the traveler's advice as these types of belts are most common among them.

Why are you purchasing belt pouches?

Know the need of picking a belt pouch. Are you purchasing one for the traveling purpose or just to hold your essential when you are on the beach? This will help you a lot to decide to pick the right design, size and even the material from which the pouch has been made. Usually, the people purchase one to carry the money while they are traveling so they do not need to be worried about the pickpocket or carry something in their hand or pocket.

Look at the material of the money belt:

The belt pouches have been made from a different material but leather belt pouches are best. They are best not because of the luxury look of the leather but also the durability, waterproof and the design. The leather belt pouches are more popular those which are made from the other materials. Yes, this is true that they may cost a little higher but look at the number of advantage. Once you purchase the leather belt pouches, you can use them for the number of the years without losing its shine.

Read online reviews about belt pouch:

Online reviews always helpful at least for me, before purchasing any product, I search for the honest reviews about the specific product from the real customer who recently purchased and used one. So, when you are purchasing the leather belt pouches, make sure to make a research on the customers and their reviews about the specific pouch you choose for yourself.

The number of slots in belt pouch:

A good money belt is one which comes up with the more number of slots including one with the zipper. The number of slot means that you can easily organize your stuff in it. So, always look at the number of slots. A pouch belt is good if it has the option to hold your phone, passport, boarding pass and other related documents which are important when you are traveling.