While primary purpose of long wallets is to be functional and a way for men to store their money, credit cards and additional items, they can also be very personal art work that men carry with them constantly. Here is a look at how some long wallets function as art.

Hand Made Construction

Many handmade wallets are art simply through the way they are constructed. Finely crafted handmade wallets show artistry in their construction. The stitching alone may be a work of art as well as the material chosen for the wallet itself. High quality crocodile skin or leather wallets may actually be artistic simply do the material used although the artistry will often be incredibly subtle.

Art Work Placed On Long Wallets

In addition to the hand made wallets being a piece of artwork on their own, many people who make these longer wallets also place additional art work on them. The actual art work on a long wallet can run from extremely basic to highly intricate. Here are some of the types of artwork you may see on these wallets.

  • Plain Studs-Plain studs on these wallets may be used to add interest and decoration to a long wallet. Some people may place one stud in the corner of the wallet or use to several to create a frame around the outside of the front or the entire wallet. Studs may used to create various designs.
  • Button Type Studs- Some long wallets feature button type studs that are studs with specific designs on the stud itself. These studs may feature cross and skull, an Indian head, a cross or other type of design. Normally these studs appear as a single stud in the corner of the wallet serving as a single decoration to add interest and appeal to a plain wallet.
  • Small Embossed Features- When the long wallet is made from leather then embossing is often used to add art to a long wallet. The embossed design may be small and just enough to add a bit of interest to the wallet. The embossing may be something as simple as a small plant or a flower, or may be cross, an Indian head, a skull, or other design.
  • Embossed Boarders- Some embossed artwork on long wallets are simply boarders around the outside edge of the wallet. These boarders are usually vines or small flowers although on custom made wallets they can be pretty much anything you choose.
  • Embossed Fronts on Long Wallets- Some embossed long wallets have the entire front of the wallet embossed. These designs can be quite intricate and take up the entire front of the wallet while other designs simply take up the center of the front. Some of these embossed features may be done in different colors such as red or blue and some are just embossing leaving the wallet the same color as the wallet.
  • Embossing on the Entire Wallet- Some makers of wallets emboss the entire wallet both the back and the front. Like front embossed wallets touches of color may be added to the wallet.

Embossing Designs

The embossed design may be whatever the embosser wants it to be, but some popular designs are skulls, pirates, snakes, crocodiles or alligators, and the Iron Cross.

If you are looking for a long wallet is that a piece of art as well as a functional accessory then finding such a wallet should not be difficult.