Long Trifold Wallets for Men


Long wallets for men have been increasing in popularity over the last few years. More and more men are choosing long wallets over those more traditional short wallets that have been the go to style for generations. Here are some reasons why more people are choosing long wallets than ever before.


Great Styles

Long wallets come in some great styles with some of these wallets simply folding closed and others having zipper closures. They also come in a variety of materials including Leather, crocodile or snake skin and even synthetic materials. Some of these long wallets come plain while others are made from distressed leather, or feature embossing or other decorations. With so many different styles there is sure to be a wallet that will meet most people's taste and style.


Fit's Easily Into the Front Pocket of Pants

Many more men are choosing long wallets because the easily fit into those deeper front pockets which means you don't have to face the discomfort of sitting on your wallet. In addition, many dress pants don't have rear pockets to begin with and carrying those short bulky wallets leaves a bulge in the pockets of dress pants.

Long Phone Wallets for Men with multi cards

Less Bulky

Long wallets tend to be slimmer and less bulky that the traditional shorter wallets. The reason for this is that shorter wallets tend to have thick material such as leather both on the inside and outside of the wallet and then have thinner material for various pockets for credit cards and the such. So if the wallet is a bi-fold the material is four thicknesses making for a rather bulky object in your pocket.

Long wallets normally have thicker material on the outside and thinner material to form the pockets for credit cards, business cards and your cash making longer wallets less bulky when folded closed.


Holds Tons of Stuff

For some men traditional wallets simply don't have enough space to hold everything they need and want to carry with them. Long wallets tend to hold more things and have more pockets for organization than do traditional smaller wallets. Long wallets hold a lot of stuff including credit cards, cell phones and money. Because they hold so much stuff men no longer have to walk around searching their pockets for items that placed other places besides their wallets.

Bifold Leather Brown Long Wallets for Men

Many Long Wallets Have RFID Blocking

With so many different people carrying credit cards and the such they need to protect the information contained on those cards to prevent people with RFID readers from accessing that information. Most of the modern day long wallets have RFID blocking features to prevent the loss of vital and private information. Having that type of protection of your information will allow you to go about your business without worry.

There are many different manufactures of long wallets and many different stores both online and off that sells these wallets. Finding a long wallet that you like and that meets your style and needs shouldn't be difficult. So go ahead and find the long wallet you want today.