Long_wallets_for_menWallet is an essential accessory that both men and women carry around daily. It is diverse in type and design just like bags and jewelry. Nowadays, long wallets are gaining popularity among individuals as it offers many features and holds many valuables. Gentlemen are also starting to love long wallets because their effort to choose the best one for them speaks their personality and character. It should be three things: well-organized, high-quality and fair measurement. Because of its versatility, long wallets are mostly suitable for any occasions. They can be classified into two: bifold and trifold. It could also be sealed with a zipper or an enclosure, depending on one's preference. Since it functions very well, people won't have to deal with damaged or tainted cards, crumpled cash and receipts. So if you want to keep a lot with you using a handy carry-on while on the go, a long wallet might be the accessory you're looking for.


There are some important factors you need to consider when purchasing a long wallet. First is the materials. Commonly, long wallets are made from leather. These days, they can also be created from different fabric such as nylon, canvas, cotton, etc. Because it varies in design and style, people can have many selections to choose from. A plain leather is suitable for minimalists and for those who want to keep their long wallet simple. If you are up for more high-quality and exquisite materials, then you can have an imitated animal skin leather. Long wallets that are covered with synthetic leather are good for daily use because of its durability and wide range of patterns and designs. The second thing you need to consider is its profile. This includes the color and both its interior and exterior design. Neutral colors are specially ideal for formal settings and occasions. If you prefer carrying your long wallet anytime of the day, then any color that you like would do. Long wallets also vary in shape and style, all according to your demand and personality. Next is its sturdiness over time. Long wallets are also an efficient investment that is good for long-term use. You should always examine how it is meticulously made. Don't go for wallets that have uneven cuts or stitches as this may result to short usage. And the last thing you need to consider is the price. Make sure that you always get what you pay for. Remember, long wallets are not just a fancy accessory. It should serve as one of your dependable essentials that you can use for a long period of time. Thus, investing for the finest and most credible is never a waste of fortune!


In case you're having a hard time deciding on what kind of long wallet you'd want to own, let us help you narrow down your options by digging into them much deeper. Here is our own collection of long wallets for men. Most of them are personally picked by and a favorite choice among our valuable buyers. Let's get started!


- Always in a hurry and have no time to pack your important belongings? Then, this long wallet is the best carry-on for you. Available in two colors- tan and black, it also comes with a detachable card holder and a keyring so you could attach a chain to it. It is sealed with a zipper and has an additional pocket that serves as a phone case. It can be used as a wrislet clutch as well.


- Simplicity in black, this long wallet can also be carried as a clutch. It has a sleek design that matches any kind of occasion. It has a roomy interior that can hold a checkbook and a phone. Comes in an accordion style, this low key wallet actually has 8 slots for cards and is sealed with an enclosure.


Leather Tooled Long Wallet for Men, Mahākāla Mens Long Leather Wallet, Long Biker Wallet, Chain Wallet, Wirstlet Phone Wallet for Men
- This is one unique wallet on our list. Aside from it is a long biker wallet, it is decorated with an embossed detail of Mahākāla and is made of tooled leather. Handmade and sealed with a zipper, this essential accessory also functions as a clutch wallet. It measures 20cm x 10cm x 2.5cm and is available in black only.


Long wallet for Men, Black Wirstlet Phone Wallet for Men, Mens Long Leather Wallet, Brown Leather Clutch Wallet,
- It's time to secure your small essentials with this handy yet spacious wristlet long wallet. It is available in two colors- black and brown. This can also work as a clutch wallet and is good for daily use. It has 4 card slots and comes with a keyring, so people can hook a wallet chain onto it. If you like going outdoors and prefer a portable carry-on, then this one is for you!


Leather Tooled Long Wallet for Men
- If you're looking for a long wallet that would stand out from the rest, then have this biker wallet added to your list. It is handmade and created from tooled leather. It can work as a clutch wallet as well. It is designed with an embossed detail of an Indian chief skull as its exterior. For its dimension, it measures 20.5cm x 10.5cm x 2.5 cm.


Long wallet for Men, Mens Zip Long Leather Wallet, Black Leather Bifold Clutch Wallet, Mens Checkbook Leather Wirstlet Wallet
- One of the vintage designs on the list is our very own wristlet long wallet. It is bifold and is sealed with a zipper around it. Its interior is amazingly packed with 12 card slots. Available in two colors- green and coffee, this long wallet also comes with a keyring so you could connect a wallet chain to it. It's a great choice if you prefer securing all your cards in one portable wallet!


- This incredibly designed long wallet is handmade and furbished with leather. It is a kind of biker wallet that has good functionality and works at full capacity. Bifold and red brown in color, it measures 19.5 cm x 11cm x 2cm and is inclusive of different compartment for all your essentials. Truly, this is a long wallet thats made for you!


- Practical and useful, this long wallet of ours can go a long way because its handy dandy. Vintage in style, it is available in two colors- black and coffee. It is packed with slots of 12 for cards, a pocket for phone and an extra sleeve for a pen. It has a measurement of 18cm x 11cm.


- Offering you a piece from the past, this vintage long wallet is a perfect companion for adventures! It is bifold and can functions as a travel wallet or a passport wallet. It is efficiently compact as it comes with a coin slot and a pen slot as well. Available in three colors- brown, blue and coffee, it measures 19 cm x 11cm x 2cm.


- Perfect for those who have an edgy personality, this long wallet has been a popular choice. Black in color and bifold in type, it weighs 0.15kg. This accessory can also function as a chain wallet. It is useful as it has 12 card slots and extra sleeves for other essentials. It is decorated with a star concho as part of its exterior design.


- Secure all your cards with this trifold long wallet that comes in dark brown color. Vintage in design and leather handmade, it measures 18.5cm x 9cm x 2cm. It is packed with 18 card slots and a checkbook slot. You wont have to worry losing your cards as this incredible wallet can hold of them for you!


- Well-crafted with meticulous stitching and distinctively attracting exterior details, this handmade long wallet is also made from tooled leather. It is bifold in type and is multi-functional as well. It has 12 slots for your cards and an extra sleeve for your checkbook or cash. Moreover, it is detailed with an embossed Indian chief skull on it.
- Many are loving this vintage-styled long wallet because its profile is unique in shape and design. Not only that, its functionality works at full capacity as it can hold 12 slots for cards and extra slots for its checkbook and cash. Available in dark brown, it measures 9cm x 19.5cm x 1.5cm. This perfectly matches any kind of occasion.
- Available in 7 vibrant colors, this sleek and handmade long wallet can be purchased in camel, brown, green, blue, black, red wine and orange. It is both popular among men and women because of its low key style. It is bifold and can hold many cards. In addition, it has an extra sleeve for cash or a checkbook and a zippered pocket for coins.
- This stunning long wallet comes in a unique vintage design and is decorated with silver conchos on its exterior. It is handmade from leather and available in two colors- beige and brown. It has slots for both cash and cards. A braided leather is also attached to it making your essentials secured and not easy to lose.
- Be smitten with this accordion style long wallet. It is sealed with an enclosure making it look like an envelope. Large in size, it is no doubt can hold many essentials inside. It is available in five colors- brown, green, camel, red wine and black. Handmade from leather, it has 8 slots for cards, 2 slots for cash and an extra pocket for change or coins.
- A long wallet that can outlast adventures and last for the longest, this accessory represents it all. Vintage in styling and bifold in type, this large and long wallet has different slots for card, cash, coin and other essentials. It is available in three colors- blue, brown and coffee and functions effectively as a checkbook holder. It can also be carried with a wristlet.
- Emulated from an animal skin, this long wallet is famous for its crocodile pattern. It is bifold and can also function as a chain wallet. It is black in color and measures 19cm x 9cm x 2cm. It has 12 slots for cards and extra sleeves for cash. Moreover, it works well as a checkbook holder. Because of this, you won't have to worry about your check being tarnished.
- Slim and simple are just one of the reasons why most of our male buyers adore this long wallet. Its design is uncomplicated that goes well with a vintage style. It is also versatile as it can be used as a checkbook holder. It has 12 card slots and can hold essentials at full capacity. Bifold and available in coffee and brown, this wallet can easily fit in your pockets.
- Ever wondered of a beautifully crafted accessory made from handmade leather? Then give this long wallet a chance and check out its elegance for yourself. It is bifold and can be purchased in 7 colors- red, black, coffee, blue, green, tan, gray and vintage brown. It has a license slot and can perform effectively as a checkbook holder.
- What bounces many men's heart when they first saw this long wallet is its functionality yet low key profile. It is trifold and is packed with different useful slots all for the purpose of holding your essentials. It can also work as a checkbook holder and has an additional phone pocket on the outside. For its exterior, it is stylish in vintage design.
- The whole outlook of this long wallet is plain yet modish similar to a biker wallet. It is bifold and functions very well as a checkbook holder. A silver chain is attached to it to make it more secure. Available in tan, this long wallet measures 18.7cm x 10cm x 2cm. It has several slots that serve different purposes as well.
- This long wallet is crafted from leather, bifold and comes in vintage style. It is a good companion when travelling as it has several designated slots for your essentials like cash and cards. It can be used a biker wallet or a chain wallet as a silver accessory is attached to it to hold it securely in place anywhere you go.
- This long wallet promises durability and distinction. Since it's made of waxed canvas, it guarantees sustainability in any season. Because of its unique vintage style, it's the reason why it is an eye-catcher. Bifold in type, it is packed with enough slots for all your essentials and an extra zippered pocket for coins or change. Available in coffee and gray, it measures 19.5 cm x 9.5 cm x 2cm.
- Thanks to this long wallet's slim size, you can carry it around comfortably. Made from leather and comes in vintage and accordion style, this wallet is available in three colors- black, tan and red brown. It can be used a clutch because of its design and functionality. It can be sealed with a zipper around it for the security of your essentials.
- One of the best trifold on the list is this vintage style long wallet. It is packed with 12 card slots and other sleeves for cash. It functions well as a checkbook holder, too! It comes with a wristlet so you can comfortably carry it securely. Coffee in color, this long wallet measures 17cm x 9cm x 2cm.
- This might be everyone's favorite! One of a kind and versatile, this wooden long wallet has been on the top pof the list. It is handmade from leather and can be used as an elegant clutch wallet. It has slots for 3 cards, extra ones for other essentials and a key holder. What a great accessory to keep everything inside!
- Speaking of inner construction, this long wallet is one of the best. It is useful in many ways as it is packed with 8 card slots, some extra cash sleeves and a checkbook holder. It is also bifold and goes with a dimension of 18cm x 9cm x 1.5cm. It can be bought in different colors- coffee, brown, green, blue and black!
- You don't have to worry anymore when carrying many bills as this long handmade wallet can function at full capacity. Securely sealed with a zipper around it, this wallet can also be personalized according to your preference. Its exterior is designed with a death skull detail to make it more edgy and stylish. As for its interior, it is packed with 12 card slots, a zipper pocket and two spaces for cash.
- This trifold long wallet is ideally made for floral lovers! This masterpiece is handmade from leather and furbished with embossed flower details to complete its exterior. It can work effectively as a checkbook holder and/or a clutch. It is composed of 13 card slots, sleeves for cash and checks and a transparent slot for photos. Have this classy and sleek long wallet anywhere you go at any occasion!
With our effort to give you the best advice and selection, I hope that we were able to help you find the best long wallet for you and your style. Through our own collection, we believe that you can find one that perfectly suits your preference! Don't hesitate to give us a message for your future purchases or if you have any inquiries. Thank you very much for sharing your time with us!