One of the most common items on every international traveler is a passport wallet. And, you can tell a person by the kind of passport wallet he carries, considering your passport is even more valuable in a foreign country than your money is. If you want your passport to be as safe as possible then there is only one choice- leather passport wallets.

The best aspect of this is that while leather passport wallets are perfect because they are sturdy and long lasting, they are also great to make a favorable impression on people you come across. Imagine taking your passport out of a leather passport wallet at the front desk of the hotel you are signing into. It is sure to catch a few admiring glances.

The other cool thing about leather passport wallets is that they can be easily personalized at no extra costs. You can have your name embossed into the leather by the seller of the passport wallet. Then, you can be sure that your passport wallet is as unique as you are.

Of course, when we talk about a traveler’s wallet, it does not mean that it is made to hold or carry a passport only. The size of a travel wallet is usually larger than the standard wallet. That's why they also called the long wallet.

There are many spaces available to put other important things than a passport. The traveler wallet has space to carry boarding pass, number of cards, cash, coins and even a Smartphone. So, next time when someone says the passport wallet or traveler wallet, you must not get confused that it is a wallet to carry only passport but other items too.

The traveler wallets are available in different materials including leather wallet but they are usually bigger than the ordinary wallet and called coat wallet or long wallet etc. The more room allows you to organize your items easily like a boarding pass, travel documents, cards, and money.

Some people have the separate passport holder to hold the passport where when you purchase a travel wallet, you do not need to spend double money and purchase a separate item like security belt, passport holder or travel document holder etc. With the help of a travel wallet, you may have all of your items organized and one place.

Purchasing a travel wallet is the same as purchasing any other wallet like biker wallet or leather wallet. The only thing to take care of is the element of security features, size and defiantly the durability because you are not going to travel in an airplane every time. There could be raining and other weather condition too.

The security feature does not mean that there would be a lock option available, it is usually the fabric which cannot be ripped easily and secret place to have your cash within the wallet etc. The size is also important because the passport wallet should be bigger than the standard size as you are not going to put money in it but other items like boarding card too etc.