red men leather jacket biker jewelryThe biker jewelry is also known by different names like rock and roll jewelry, rocker jewelry and gothic jewelry etc but the biker jewelry is the most common name. There is huge difference between men's biker jewelry as compare to regular men's jewelry. Usually, the jewelry made for the bikers are heavy in weight, bigger in size and comes up with dangerous styles and design like skull, dragon, cross with skull, snake, and bloodied thorns etc. They are also available in other themes like roses, flowers, and thrones of kinds to look sexier.

The most common material which has been used on biker's jewelry is silver and leather. For example, the biker bracelets are available in both leather and silver where the chains are only available in silver. Indeed, the biker jewelry is available in gold too but that type of jewelry is very expensive and required to spend money and time on its maintenance.



Every item of biker's jewelry has its own importance but a silver cross necklace or silver chain necklace are the most prominent thing due to its size and style.

 That's why the bikers give extra attention when purchasing the silver cross necklace for themselves. Although, there are more designs available in a silver necklace for men due to its size as compare to biker rings, biker earrings, and even the biker bracelets.

The biker wallet is also an essential item which every biker has that's why it has been counted as a biker's jewelry item generally. When search for the biker jewelry, you will find the biker wallet in the list. The chain of the wallet makes it unique from the regular wallet where the wallets made for the bikers are available in two colors only; black and brown. The pattern, styles, and shades make them different and unique from each other.



Goth is the main theme which has been used in the manufacturing of the biker's jewelry. That's why the items like snakes, skull, blooded thorn, rose, knife, cross, and swords are the common items which we usually see over the biker's jewelry from earrings to rings. Calling biker jewelry as gothic jewelry would not be wrong here. The Goth theme also represents death and sex that's why biker loved it and it has its own appeal. The Goth theme also represents freedom, liberty, choice, and throne.

The biker jewelry is not the only thing where we see the Goth theme but their clothing, designs on bikes and tattoos have a Goth theme too. So, if you are looking for some ideas to buy a gift for your biker friend, then keep in mind that all you need to focus on dark colors and Goth theme items which usually represent power, dangerous and authority.



Some people do criticize the biker’s jewelry because it could be used to spread negativity due to symbols but for biker community, these symbols represent morality and believe in the truth of life. Skull, cross, and wings could define all of them.


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