Trouser chains has become a popular accessory since the 1970's. Not only because of its fashionable exterior, but also because it has been an essential wear. People who are using them have been incorporating them into their way of dress or style. In addition, these chains also avert pickpocketing and prevent their stash and wallets from being lost or stolen. This tough and modish accessory has been popular among punks, goths, rivet heads, bikers and heave metal enthusiasts. However, these days, its design has been versatile, leading its admiration among common people as well! Its exterior and style have been innovated and improved over the years. Thus, making it a flexible accessory that matches any kind of personality and meets varieties of demands. Though it has been famous for its unique fashion sense, it is also essentially necessary for some who prefer carrying their wallet around while travelling. Wearing a chain eases their worry away because they know that their wallets are safe!  


Trouser chains are so powerful that it became cool again these days. Aside from that, there are many reasons why you should add this to your wishlist. Firstly, it's effective in protecting your cash, cards, billfolds and other pocket essentials because security is its main function. You can go on any kind adventures without being uncertain or doubtful how your belongings will stay in place inside your pockets. Trouser chains keep them safe and sound. Trouser chains are usually designed with two clasps on each end for the belt loop and the wallet's key ring. Though it has a simple structure, it has remained a functional accessory since the beginning! Secondly, it has a refreshing kind of fashion sense because not everyone has it. So adding one to your outwear would surely make you stand out. It comes with different designs and styles. It can also be made of stainless steel, silver, leather or brass. It also has a variety of measurement, resulting to its several length and sizes. It never goes out of style because of its incredible variance! Last but not the least, it's the kind of accessory that lasts for the longest! It never gets old easily that's why it's been phenomenal. Its fame began many decades ago, but it's still exists nowadays. This only proves that it goes through generations without getting old!


To help you decide on what's best for you. We've come up with our own collection of trouser chains that you'd surely love! Take your time as you browse and enjoy the list! All are personally hand-picked and chosen by our valued shoppers! 


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 - This vintage looking trouser chain is made of fine leather. Its hook comes in two styles- the U hook and the horn hook. It is available in two sizes- 40cm and 55cm. This accessory will surely complete your style and keep your wallet in place. You won’t have the feeling of uncertainty carrying your wallet around!


 - Perfect for people who have an edgy personality, this metal trouser chain represents edgy, rock and gothic style. It's a perfect blend of fashion and great use! It holds your wallet effectively in place which prevents it from being lost or stolen. It measures 68cm x 10mm and is available in silver color.


 - More than just a fashionable accessory, this trouser chain also works great as a useful wallet keeper. It will give you peace of mind as it protects your billfold or wallet from being robbed or losing. It's made of silver and measures 52cm in length. It is decorated with a cross on both ends which made it exterior more interesting.


 - Not your ordinary kind of trouser chain as this one measures 32 inches or 81cm in length! This is a perfect choice for individuals who love hip-hop. Most rappers in the industry have been wearing as an addition to their fashion statement. Moreover, it's also essential as it provides security to your wallet! This chain is made of stainless steel and is available in silver!


 - Known for its thick chains and durability, this trouser chain has been a favorite choice by most men! It has two clasps on both end that would surely secure a wallet which only proves that this chain is more than just an accessory. It guarantees protection to billfold users. Available in silver- stainless steel is what it is composed of!


 - This might be a wonderful selection for people who like vintage fashion as this trouser chain is made of and shaded with brass! Its color will surely give you that old-fashion kind of style! Not only that, you can go anywhere with your wallet secured! It measures 55cm in length and has several options that you can choose from- 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm and 3.5mm!


 - An accessory that can be used by both men and woman is this trouser chain. It is made of thick loops and stainless steel that assure the durability of the chain. It measures 45cm, 50cm and 55cm in length and is available in silver color. Because of its tight clasp, your wallet will always be securely in place and protected. No need to worry anymore about losing it!


 - This elegant trouser chain is so exquisite in many ways. Aside from its brass material and color that add to its uniqueness, it's also embellished with a charm. Decorated with a U-hook on one end and a lobster clasp on another, this would surely assure anyone who is using security and protection of their valuable in a wallet. It measures 45cm, 50cm and 55cm in length.


 - Looking for a colorful trouser chain? This one would definitely catch any person's attention because of its vibrant colors and adorable design! Available in colorful and vintage style, this chain measures 55cm in length. It's not just a cute and fashionable accessory, but it can also keep your billfold secure and safe!


 - This unique trouser chain has an incredible length of 84cm. Thus, making it easy to use and access anytime! It is available in two colors- black and silver. It is a great anti-theft chain as it can absolutely protect and secure any kind of wallet- long or short! It also have a variety of sizes- small, medium and large.


 - Designed with simple details, this trouser chain certain showcases an uncomplicated design which makes it a versatile accessory. Plus, it can be used by both men and women of most ages! It has three styles available- single, double and double x. It can be small or large in size and measures 85cm in length. This trouser chain is more than just a fashion but is also a useful item!


 - Flat trouser chains will never miss our collection. Aside from its durable design and wonderful style, it is also a favorite choice by many. It is composed of a keyring and a lobster clasp located on each end. It has plenty of selections that anyone can choose from and measures 85cm in length. Security is its utmost function, so no need to worry anymore about losing your wallet or getting it stolen!


 - This stylish trouser chain has paved its way and has caught the attention of many because of its double chains with interesting designs. It is embellished with rectangular and round loops that added fun to it. Moreover, it has a length of 94cm and comes in different styles. It is also available in silver color. It is highly function as it protects your wallet and secures it in place!


 - This trouser chain is certainly distinctive and eccentric in every aspect. It is built with a special kind of chain which is obviously durable and can be used for a long time. Plus, it would surely hold your billfold in place. Silver in color, this chain is 85cm in length and is styled with a keyring on one end and a lobster clasp on the other.


 - Sleek and posh in design, this feminine trouser chain is adored by most women! It is an essential accessory to complete a whole style and look. Moreover, it is also useful as a wallet holder- keeping wallets in place and secure. It is designed with two flat chains and measures 55cm in length. Available color is silver.


This pretty trouser chain is decorated with a feather charm which makes it an eye-catcher. It is decorated with a U-hook for the wallet and a lobster clasp for the belt loop. This structure makes anyone feel safe about bringing their wallets anywhere they go. Plus, it has a vintage vibe because of its color. It has a length of 60-80 cm as its measurement.


 - An absolute charmer and a functional accessory, this trouser chain has been a popular choice among men of different groups and ages. It is decorated with double chains and two useful clasps keeping your wallet safe and sound. It is silver in color and measures 51cm in length. Chains are also exquisitely designed making it more interesting and attractive!


Hope you can come up with the best trouser chain for you! We are glad that we could help you out with this matter! Thank you for browsing! :)