Messenger bags have been up there for a long time. It has developed into an everyday necessity, a perfect go-to bag. The structure of a messenger bag-- shoulder strap and all-- is both stylish and functional making it an affective carrier to hold your belongings and making them stay inside securely. They do not only give you the fashion or look that you desire, but they also provide the features that you're aiming for a bag.
When it comes to benefits, messenger bags almost have it all. They are convenient and portable despite its big size. They are easy to carry because of its adjustable strap because of that, it has become a great choice for traveling. More than that, it can be used as a carry-on so it can fit the seat or overhead compartment! Messenger bags are also roomy when it comes to its interior. It can accommodate bigger stuff like clothes, a laptop, books and many more which makes it an efficient carrier to bring during adventures and trips. And of course, messenger bags are also diverse in style and design-- that's why users have a lot of options to choose from. It can be made of different materials like leather, canvas, nylon and more. Colors vary, and choosing one can really satisfy your taste in a bag!
Now let us help you decide on which bag you should choose. This article showcases our best collection of messenger bags which is a helpful place to begin with.
- Average in size, this leather messenger bag is something that you want to look forward to. It has a vintage design that can be easily loved by many. Straps are adjustable which makes it more convenient to wear. A perfect bag for any casual occasions like going to work or an office. Dark brown in color, it measures 29cm x 21cm x 10cm.
- This cool and black messenger bag is perfect for school boys and college men. Inside, it has plenty of compartments that stationery stuff can fit. On the front, it has smaller pockets so that it can accommodate more items. The strap is adjustable that's why it can be worn in different ways. It has a measurement of 26cm x 19cm x 10cm.
- Fancy a more minimal style? Aside from this messenger bag's low key design, this item can also be worn as a pouch and a belt bag. It has a portable size that can hold most of your valuables like a phone, a wallet, cash, cards and more smaller stuff. It is available in dark brown, black and vintage brown with a measurement of 18cm x 12cm x 4cm.
- A bag that can be your go-to carrier is this messenger bag. It is made of genuine leather making its skin a little shiny- what a beauty! This bag is perfect for a comfortable walk outside or when going on a short trip. Available colors are brown and coffee while it measures 25cm x 22cm x 4cm.
- A traveler's bag- this messenger bag is a great choice for people who love to go on adventures! It is barrel type, proving that it can sustain extreme experiences! It has a roomy interior to hold your valuables- from big to small! Light brown is its available color and comes with a measurement of 30cm x 14cm.
- You wouldn't believe this, but men also love this messenger bag. It is shaped in a box, creating a more spacious interior for all your valuables. This bag is favorite go-to carrier among women as well! It measures 19.5cm x 15.5cm x 8cm and is available in two colors-- brown and gray.
- Cute and easy to carry, this portable leather messenger bag is an ideal partner for short trips to school and work. Though it is a little small in size, it is composed of compartment that can hold most of your personal belongings- from a phone, a wallet, cards, cash and many more. Available in brown, it has a measurement of 23cm x 15cm x 9cm.
- Perfect for men who are in college or studying, this leather messenger bag is a great item to accommodate books and a laptop. It has a wide and spacious interior that measures 39cm x 25.5cm x 10cm. It comes with an adjustable strap making it much easier to wear. It is available in two colors- black and coffee.
- An exemplary school and office bag, this leather messenger says it both! The exterior is delicately decorated with stitches which made it sleeker to look at. It has an incredible closure that adds security to the bag and to your valuables. With a measurement of 33cm x 27cm x 8cm, available colors are dark coffee and brown.
- Vertical and basic in style, this leather messenger bag actually has convincing features that consumers might consider buying! The strap is built with a leather band in the middle to comfort your shoulders when carrying them. That's why you won't have to worry about your heavy valuables that can fit into it. It's comfy and convenient!
- This slim leather messenger bag is a perfect fit for tablets and Ipads. So if you're that person who can't live without their gadgets, this is the one for you! It is simple in design. Thus, it is perfect for any kind of events- both casual and formal. Interior is quite roomy as well; it can hold other valuables like a wallet, cash, cards, cigarette packs and many more.
- Casual and modern, this stylish leather messenger bag is great for travelling, short trips and a daily walk. It can hold things at full capacity with the same strength and convenience. Color available is red brown and comes with a measurement of 22.5cm x 16.5cm. Inside, it has a spacious interior for all your belongings.
- A leather messenger bag that can turn into a belt bag is this amazing fanny pack. If you want to be extra in fashion and bag functionality, then this bag might be the one you're looking for. It is cool and durable enough to outlast any weather condition. Inside is an enough spacious compartment for valuables like a wallet, a phone, a pocket book, a cigarette pack and a whole lot more!
- One that comes with embossed details on the outside is this leather messenger bag that is equipped with a belt strap closure assuring the security of anyone's valuables inside! It is handmade and tooled-- and a flexible kind of bag as it can be a shoulder bag, a messenger bag or a chest bag. It measures 37cm x 27cm x 9cm.
- This leather messenger bag is also a saddle bag that can be categorized as a barrel bag as well. If you wanna travel in style and fashion, then this is the kind of bag that you should opt to use. It comes with a tooled and embossed design on its exterior. With a measurement of 28cm x 14cm x 14cm, color available is coffee.
- A carrier that is perfect for laptops is this leather messenger bag. It is cool, low-key yet elegant in style and exterior. Inside is a spacious compartment for your portable computer, books, office supplies, wallet and phone. Straps are firm despite the slim design. Stitches are decorated on the edges for a more protective feature.
- Small and vertical, this leather messenger bag is a popular courier bag because of how it is worn. However, it is versatile that it can also be worn as an office bag and a school bag as well. Inside, it is pretty spacious that can accommodate smaller valuables securely! It has a measurement of 26cm x 20cm x 5cm.
- Crafted with high quality and authentic materials, this leather messenger bag works at fully capacity which makes it a perfect companion for short trips and even long travels! It has plenty of compartments inside and out, so if you are planning of bringing lots of things with you, this bag has your back! It measures 35cm x 23cm x 18cm.
- A bag that you can confidently and conveniently carry around during a trip or a casual walk is this leather messenger bag that is big and roomy enough to hold big and small valuables! It comes with a measurement of 36cm x 24cm x 9cm and is available in brown color. Strap is adjustable for convenient wear!
- Satchel kind of bag is what this leather messenger bag represents. Adorable in structure, portable in size and simply stylish in exterior, this bag could be anyone's go-to and comfortable in-fashion carrier! It comes in two colors-- brown and maroon. It measures 31ccm x 26cm x 6cm. Slots are spacious enough to accommodate different kinds of belongings.