Not your usual large bag, a weekender bag or a duffle bag is something that you must have especially if you're that kind of person who likes travelling, spending nights somewhere and just simply prefers having all his/her things around! Despite its large size, it remains compact enough to be fit in an overhead compartment or a seat. It is portable, yet it comes with a spacious slot that is enough to accommodate plenty of clothes, toiletries, essentials and other gadgets / handy electronics.
Wherever your headlong trip or extreme adventures may take you, a weekender bag can still assure you of its function and durability. A weekender bag can be made of different materials like a canvas or a leather. Both kinds are long lasting and are made of high quality craftmanship. A weekender bag is more pricey than the other types of bag, but it surely is worthy of an investment. It can be used for a long time and can definitely outstand different kinds of weather conditions. That is one of the reasons why a weekender bag is a great companion for all your plans and trips!
So whether you're organizing a quick get-away or a much needed holiday, weekender bags are the best choice to get on with that plan of yours! Now let's take a look of this collection of ours, and we will let you choose the best weekender bag for you! It's a handful, but each of them is the best among the rest!
- Thinking of that weekender bag that you can wear around your chest or over your shoulder, then this weekender bag must be the one for you. This bag is composed of three roomy compartments that can surely accommodate all your belongings inside in place and securely. It can be in light gray or blue, and comes with a measurement of 40cm x 33cm x 17cm.
- This fashionable weekender bag is the coolest among the list. The exterior is distinguishable and easy to remember. It has stamps of different landmarks of the world on it, thus it's a good choice if you want to remain stylish while carrying a large bag. It can be worn as a shoulder bag or a hand bag, and comes with a measurement of 48cm x 31cm x 17cm.
- A canvas bag that comes with an incredible closing mechanism is this weekender bag that has an added security because of how it's enclosed. Aside from the zipper, it comes with a cover that has a magnet button to close it. It has a detachable strap, so it can be worn over the shoulder. Compartment is spacious and has extra slots for other smaller items. It measures 54cm x 30cm x 22cm.
- One that is more than just a travelling bag because it can also be used as a heavy-duty office bag, this canvas weekender bag might be the one you are looking for. Inside is a roomy compartment that comes with smaller pockets to accommodate plenty of things. Available colors are tan and gray, and has a measurement of 54cm x 42cm x 23cm.
- This might be the perfect bag for a sleepover as this canvas weekender bag got all your needs to complete your trip. It has plenty of external slots that you can keep your small essentials in. The main compartment is roomy enough for all your clothes and other important belongings. Available in three colors- gray, tan and green.
- Waxed and canvas, this weekender bag could be your go-to bag as well. Aside from the fact that it is useful for travelling, it is something that you can also carry on a daily basis. Its interior is so roomy that it has enough space for all your trip essentials. It comes with a detachable strap so it can be worn as a carry-on or a shoulder bag. 56cm x 32cm x 24cm is its measurement.
- Looking for a large bag? This weekender bag is a must item on your list or collection. It is basic in design and structure, but it remains functional just like any other bags. It is a travel bag that can also be used as an office if you want to. The main compartment is big enough to hold personal belongings and other essentials.
- Fancy prints on your bag? This canvas weekender bag has a lay-out that many would love! It is a travel bag that is sturdy enough that can also hold other office stuff and some documents, but of course, this weekender bag's main feature is accommodating personal travel essentials like clothes, towels and toiletries. It comes with a measurement of 38cm x 45cm x 13cm.
- Who would not want vintage for a weekender bag? This canvas weekender bag is versatile and functional. It is a bag that you can wear over a shoulder or across your chest because it's lightweight enough- thus, making it comfortable to use. This bag's main compartment is spacious and has extra slots inside. Gray and green are its available colors.
- What we love about this canvas weekender bag is its texture and design. It is soft in fabric and has that dye-like interior styling. It is composed of a roomy main slot and smaller pockets on the outside to accommodate smaller essentials and more personal items. It can be worn as a carry-on, a shoulder bag or a travel bag.
- Are you someone who loves travelling as much as bags? Then, this canvas weekender bag is something that you must have. Aside from it the fact that it can hold things at full capacity, it is also waterproof. That's why you can have this bag while enjoying any kind of adventures, both on land or water! Brown, gray and army green are its available colors.
- Because of this bag's masculine structure, this canvas weekender bag suits military people best. Its rectangular shape design can hold personal essentials and travel items in one compartment. Inside, there are smaller slots for all the tinier valuable that you may need during your trip. It comes with a measurement of 50cm x 25cm x 25cm.
- Fancy retro styles? This canvas weekender bag works greatly as a luggage bag, suitable enough to fit your large essentials like clothes, toiletries and portable electronic items. It comes with a detachable strap. Thus, you can use it as carry-on, a shoulder bag or simply a casual handbag. Available in dark gray, it has a measurement of 52cm x 30cm x 22cm.
- A canvas weekender bag that comes with a simple structure and basic design, this bag is a good companion for all kinds of events, might it be on an ordinary day, during a trip or just going to the office. It can hold plenty of essentials that can make your day-to-day comfortable. Available colors are black, khaki, dark gray and army green.
- Need a constant companion for all your travels and trips, this canvas weekender bag got it for you! It is khaki in color that's why it is compatible with any kind of occasions and outwear. It's a perfect luggage to secure all your belongings and travel essentials. It can be worn both as a shoulder bag or a carry-on. 55cm x 32cm x 24cm is its measurement.
- We just love how this weekender bag functions so well, both as a travel luggage and a business bag! It comes with four wheels under to make it more convenient to carry around. It is sturdy and durable enough to hold all the essentials inside. It can secure clothes, a laptop, some documents, toiletries and other travel valuables.
- Wide and large enough to secure all your personal belongings for travel, you might consider this canvas weekender bag as your travel companion during all your trips! It can securely accommodate large valuables because of its spacious interior. It has a detachable strap that's why it can be worn as a hand bag or a shoulder bag. It can be available in army green, gray, khaki and black.
- Perfect for business trips and heavy-duty office workload, this canvas weekender bag is a great choice for busy people with so much things in their hands. This luggage can hold all kinds of belongings from clothes to office documents and more personal essentials. It is available in blue and gray and measures 62cm x 30cm x 26cm.
- A briefcase, a travel bag and a casual bag, this canvas weekender bag has it all for you! It is a great bag for business-minded people as it can accommodate personal belongings and office documents securely in place because of its sturdy structure. Army green, gray and dark gray are its available colors.
- Last on our list is a casually-designed weekender bag that is made of canvas fabric. It's the perfect travel bag for any kind of weather condition. It is waterproof and durable that assures a long lasting usage. This bag is available in two colors- army green and gray. Inside is a huge compartment for things and belongings. It has measurement of 20cm x 26cm x 26cm.