leather_LIGHTER_CASESLighters are not just a symbol of fire and light. Nowadays, it has also become an essential widget for smokers. Just like watches, it is important to have a lighter that functions effectively and performs very well. Others don't just use it as a valuable accessory to smoke. Many also have turned into enthusiast collectors and made purchasing different kinds of cigarette lighters a habit. In the first place, how can you light up a cigarette without a match or a lighter? And who still carries a box of matches to kindle their smoke? Thus, the use and the invention of a lighter! Thanks to the amazing scientists and inventors of the 18th and 19th century for making it possible. Since then, it has been improved and iterated over and over which led to innovative lighters that most smokers use nowadays.  


If you are one of the people who fancy lighters and have been collecting it seriously, then you should consider a stylish cover for them! It does not only make your lighter extra sleek and fashionable, it can also secure and protect it which is the main function of a lighter case. With its different and cool designs, it will surely add elegance to your lighters which turns them into an exquisitely functional accessory.


Lighter cases or covers are not just for personal use. They can also be a great gift idea for your loved ones! Thus, our company came up with different and stylish concepts of design that surely fit everyone's diverse preferences and demands. Aside from its appearance and special profile, it's also affordably useful that's why it makes a unique present for a family, a friend, a colleague or an acquaintance! Even though it has been a trend these days, not all people in the world who smoke know about lighter cases and covers which makes giving it as a gift a good way to introduce something new to them.


Now to satisfy your curiosity, we have listed some of our amazing and sensationally-designed lighter cases in this article! They are suitable for various brands like Zippo, BIC, Dunhill and Cricket. We'll leave it to you to decide which one fits perfectly for you and your lighter. If you prefer it to be more personalized, most of our creative artisans can customize one for you to meet your taste and style! You can also have your initials engraved, or suggest your own artistic patterns to have them designed on it . Let's get down to introducing them one by one.


Bic Lighter Case, Bic Leather Lighter Case, Bic Leather Lighter Covers, Bic Leather Lighter Holders with Buckle

 1.Bic Lighter Case, Bic Leather Lighter Case, Bic Leather Lighter Covers, Bic Leather Lighter Holders with Buckle

This lighter cover is specially created for Bic lighters. Available in three colors- black, coffee and yellow, it comes with a ring on it, so you could hook it onto belt loops. It can also be customized in other sizes. Carefully handmade, this portable lighter case comes with a buckle design which makes it handy to carry around.
Dunhill Lighter Case, Dunhill Leather Lighter Case, Dunhill Crocodile Skin Lighter Covers, Dunhill Leather Lighter
Searching for a magnificent case for your Dunhill lighters? This must be what you are looking for! Fully designed in an imitated crocodile skin, this beauty is also handmade and available in three colors- coffee, black and green. Sleek and unique, your lighter can go and about with this stylish lighter cover!
- Thick and incredibly unique are just some of the characteristic of this lighter cover. Not only that, it also functions as a cigarette case for Zippo lighters. This cool accessory is handmade, created in genuine cowhide leather and is decorated with an emulation of snake skin. It has a skull in the middle and can be connected to a belt loop!
Made for women, this red lighter holder can also serve as a cigarette case. Portable and convenient to use, this suits best for disposable and/or Bic lighters. The best thing about this lighter case is that it is also detachable. Ladies, this charmer won't surely let you down!
- Matches best with a Zippo lighter, this handmade lighter case can absolutely add style to your fire buddy. It is up for grabs in two colors- coffee and black. Decorated with a star concho in the middle, this lighter holder can also be attached to a belt loop.
- Do you love the idea of having a personalized lighter case? Why not try this handmade lighter holder that’s simply made for Bic lighters such as J3, J5, J6, J8, J9 and XP. Beige in color, this accessory is created with a hole on it for hooking of a clasp or a strap. To help you showcase your own lighter’s identity, we also customize for other designs and brands of lighters.
- This might be a masterpiece for Zippo lighters. This simple yet attractive lighter case is handmade and furbished with genuine leather. It is also decorated with a skull concho in the middle to add beauty to it. Comes with a belt loop, you can certainly carry your lighter around with convenience.
- A perfect choice for your Dunhill lighter is this holder. It would definitely protect and beautify your lighter in an amazing way! This lighter case is 100% handmade using authentic leather. Adorned with a skull concho in the middle, you’ll surely love to showcase it around as it can be hooked onto a belt loop!
- Why not try something new for your lighters? This lighter holder is particularly created for Zippo ligthers. We also accept customized designs for different versions of Zippo. Handmade and well-crafted, this delicate lighter case comes in 11 styles and is also designed with a belt loop, a belt clip or a belt button.
- This cool case for Zippo lighters is simply what minimalists prefer. Available in standard size and brown color, it is also adorned with a star concho. It is styled with a belt loop, so anyone could comfortably carry their lighter around with protection and ease.
- Go out and about with this adorable lighter case for Zippo lighters. Handmade and is adorned with dainty designs, this lighter holder also comes with a brass clasp, so it could function as a keychain. You won't have to worry anymore about carrying your lighter because this lighter cover already got it for you!
- Every Bic and Cricket user should have this effortlessly charming case for their lighters. Available in two colors- coffee and gray, this holder is also handmade using genuine leather. Moreover, it comes with a strap for both Bic and Cricket lighters. Pair yours now with this wonderful lighter holder!
- Although it comes with various designs, this lighter case has kept its low key yet interesting profile. It is specially handmade for Bic and Cricket lighter that come in 12 beautiful styles and 4 colors- black, beige, tan and gray. It is adorned with brass charms and clasp which also serves as a keychain.
- This lighter cover is a perfect fit for Zippor lighters. With its imitation of snake skin and brown color, it would surely give your lighter an exquisite profile. Because it is handmade and molded in thick texture, it certainly can hold your lighter securely. It can also be attached to a belt loop.
- Simplicity never goes out of style as presented by this minimalist lighter case. Carefully handmade and comes in 5 different styles, this holder is suitably best for Bic lighters: J6, J3 and J5. It is also available in four colors- black, green, coffee and beige. To make it more functional, it is designed with a belt clasp so you can conveniently carry it anywhere you go.
Another one for Zippo lovers is this lighter holder for slim type ones. Meticulously handmade that comes in 3 different styles, this lighter case is also portable as it can be connected to a belt loop. Grab yours now and choose the color you want, available in black, coffee and brown.
- Zippo lighter users are always in awe with this unique and exquisitely-designed holder. Aside from it is handmade, it is styled with an imitated snake skin for its exterior. Adorned with a snake concho, this lighter case is also available in two colors- white and black. It can also be attached to a belt loop which makes it portable.
- Because of its simple yet interesting design, most men are loving this holder uniquely created for Zippo lighters. Brown in color and handmade, it’s also decorated with an Indian chief concho which gave it a more masculine effect. At the back of this case, a belt loop is attached that makes ligthers easy to carry.
- This well-stitched case is an excellent pair for Bic lighters. Handmade and furbished with high quality materials, this holder has become a popular choice to many. Available in two colors- coffee and gray, it can also be customized with your initial or own pattern designs on it.
This is a wonderful choice for a lighter case because of its unique style and functionality. Handmade and decorated with floral patterns, this beauty is detachable and comes with a cigarette case. This is a perfectl match for disposable lighters and Bic lighters. Two colors are up for grabs- brown and black.
- Don't worry vintage lovers as we also got a lighter case for your style! Paired with a cigarette case, this holder is particularly made for Zippo lighters. Handmade using genuine leather, it also comes with a belt loop and functions well as an accessory for collectors and smokers.
- Easy to carry and wokrs as a keychain, this holder is a popular selection among Bic and disposable lighter users. It comes with a belt clasp which makes it portable. Quality-wise, it is handmade and furbished with authentic materials. Its uncomplicated design adds artistry to lighters.
- What we love most about this lighter case of ours is its shape and plain design. It is handy and convenient to carry because of its small size. This holder is specially styled for Bic lighters like J3, J5 and J6. Available in two colors- black and beige, it is handmade using genuine leather.