The new “it” bag this year is a fanny pack! It has been in demand and spotted all over the world at most recent years and even today! It is also known as “belt bag”or “waist bag”Maybe, you're wondering why people are dying to have this bag. Here's a simple answer: it is lightweight, portable and hands-free! Whether you are planning to go travelling, camping, hiking or just casually hanging around, waist bags are the one that you could always rely on especially when it comes to holding your valuables! These bags are made to carry your essentials without you making worry or conscious about their safety!
Fanny packs are also versatile! Each type serves different kinds of purposes that match everyone's needs and demands in a portable carrier! There are fanny packs that come with multipurpose straps and/or water bottle holders. These straps can be adjustable and multifunctional because of their usage. There are also waist packs that are meant for travelling, hunting trips and casual walks. Lastly, there are waist bags that are created for carrying arms.
These bags can be made of leather and fabric like nylon and waxed canvas. Waist packs can also be furbished with slash resistant panels and anti-theft structure. It is mostly composed of several organizational pockets and sections. Surely, your valuables are always in place and securely kept!
Fanny packs also provide plenty of benefits and advantages. Just like what we've mentioned earlier, they are lightweight, meaning easy to carry! Despite how it is used as a bag around the waist, it doesn't easily fall off. Since it is hands-free, your shoulders, arms and palms are always available to move and take care of other things while your waist bag holds your essentials around. Despite its size and minimal style, it is surprisingly strong and durable. Anyone would easily love a waist bag because of how it functions and it is designed.
It's a good thing that you've come across our blog as we are also introducing our best 30 Fanny Packs for Men! If you haven't tried having a waist bag of your own or you're really curious about how it completes a style, then you must definitely try browsing this collection of ours!
- This unique fanny pack has caught a lot of attention due to its amazing structure which resembles an ox head! Seems unbelievable, but it's true! It is a favorite choice among bikers and motorists! Inside, it can hold most their things such as keys, a phone, a cigarette pack and a lighter and more smaller valuables. Available in vintage brown, black, dark coffee and vintage blue- it measures 22cm x 15.5cm x 2cm.
- A bag that you can comfortably wear anywhere you go is this fanny pack! IT comes with an uncomplicated design that perfectly suits people who like to keep it low key. Colors available are dark brown, vintage brown and black. It goes with a measurement of 46cm x 29cm x 14cm. Because of its huge size, it can be worn as a waist bag, a sling bag or a chest bag!
- Another simple and useful bag on our list is this waist bag that comes in different colors- dark brown, vintage brown and black. It has a dimension of 44cm x 25cm x 13cm. Its exterior doesn't have a lot of details that's why it's easy to pair it with any kind of outwear. Inside, it can accommodate plenty of valuables like a phone, a tablet or an iPad, a mini book, pens, a wallet and whole lot more!
- Are you looking for a bag that can store most of your important belongings while you're on the go? Then this waist bag is definitely for you! Quite enormous in its size of 26cm x 18cm x 2cm. This fanny pack also comes with an adjustable strap making it more accessible and comfortable to wear. It can be worn as a crossbody bag or a sling bag. Moreover, it comes with a handle that's why it can be used as a handbag as well!
- This fanny pack truly guarantees protection and security. It comes with an adjustable strap for the waist and an additional strap for the thigh! Some people call it a drop leg bag because of its unique functionality. Available in two colors- brown and dark brown, this measures 28cm x 17cm x 6cm. It's interior has two compartments that can store most of the stuff. It also has an extra zipped sleeve inside for more storage.
- Canvas bag would never be out of our list. Here's a first in this collection- a canvas waist bag! Aside from its versatility and multi-functional usage, what makes it different is its material and color! Available in navy blue and khaki, this bag measures 24cm x 14cm x 4cm. Inside, it is composed of a large compartment and an additional sleeve for smaller valuables. It also has extra pouches on the outside!
- Who loves something camouflage?! This might be what you're looking for! Trendy and fashionable, this fanny pack has been a popular choice by many! Because of its interesting design and structure, lots of people have come to admire it! Available in yellow camouflage- this bag has a measurement of 23cm x 14cm x 6.5cm. It is packed with different pouches and compartments that would surely keep your things in place and orderly.
- This fanny pack is so hipped and stylish. From its material down to its exterior design, Colors available are green and gray. This waist bag is made of canvas which guarantees durability and protection in any season! It has a measurement of 27cm x 13cm x 9cm. A bag that can work at full capacity is what this bag mainly features!
- What most people love about this waist bag is its thick, wide and adjustable strap which matches the bag's huge size! Due to its strong material and functionality, this bag is surely heavy duty! It can accommodate stuff like phone, wallet, tablet/iPad, a pocketbook and plenty of smaller valuable things. It can be worn as a sling bag, a one-shoulder backpack or a waist bag!
- Casual and simple, this fanny pack represents it both! Easy to use and accessible, this bag can actually be worn in several ways! It can be a waist bag, a chest bag, a crossbody bag or a one-shoulder backpack. Because of its adjustable strap, it has become more convenient. It has a measurement of 26cm x 14cm x 5cm. Colors available are coffee and black!
- Looking for a denim bag? Your search is finally over as this fanny pack is made of denim fabric! Quite big as a fanny pack, it can absolutely store all your important belongings from your wallet down to your tiny stuff! Available in blue, this bag measures 28cm x 16cm x 5cm. Its interior is a wide enough to keep your things in order and in place!
- A denim bag that you can take wherever you go is this denim bag! It is lightweight, yet it's full of useful features, too! It's composed of different compartments that would surely meet your needs in a bag! It is adjustable and easy to wear that's why it can be worn as a backpack or a crossbody bag! It goes with a measurement of 21cm x 15cm x 6cm!
- Stylish with a slight hint of being rugged, this fanny pack can definitely catch anyone's attention! It is made of genuine leather and comes with interesting colors like coffee and light brown! It is packed with different storage and pockets that can surely store your things in place! It has a measurement of 29cm x 12cm x 4cm.
- A good companion when taking on an adventure, this waist bag would keep your worries away! Convenient and portable, this bag is also a good choice to keep your belongings safe and orderly while you're on the go! It measures 28cm x 17cm x 4cm. This bag is composed of useful pockets and storage to guarantee protection as well! Color available is brown only.
- A fanny pack that can hold tools and other supplies, this bag is definitely that type! This is the perfect bag for people who always want to keep their things with them! It is composed of different pockets and compartments depending on one's needs! Available in khaki and coffee, this bag measures 17cm x 17cm x 7cm. It is a great fit when used as a waist bag!
- A fanny pack that comes with a simple design, this waist bag is something that you'll easily love! Details are not complicated which make it convenient and comfortable to use! Available in colors like black and blue, this bag measures 25cm x 15cm x 10cm. Aside from its fashionable exterior, it is also useful in many ways and can give an assurance of protection to your valuables!
- This fanny pack is versatile because of how it's worn or used! It can be carried as a waist bag, a one-shoulder backpack or a crossbody bag! Measuring 22cm x 15cm x 4cm, this bag is available in coffee. With its size, it can definitely accommodate all your small valuables inside! Plus, it has an additional zipped front pocket to store more of your things!
- One bag fits all! This is what this fanny pack is all about! Bulky and useful, this waist bag is composed of several pockets and compartments to match all your demands in a carrier! Despite its functionality, it can still be worn as a waist bag, a crossbody bag or a chest bag! It is also paired with an adjustable strap which made it easier to carry!
- This is the bag that fits people who work in industries and services. This waist bag is specially made for workers who like to hustle with their tools. This bag would surely protect and secure them in place! Available in coffee and brown, it goes with a measurement of 25cm x 15cm x 10cm. It comes with different storage and compartments to accommodate most of your valuables!
- This fanny pack is quite distinctive from the rest because of its unique exterior detail. It's the one that has a double cross mark on the front! Easy to remember, right? Aside from that, it also features different kids of storage so you could fit all your valuables! It has a dimension of 28cm x 18cm x 4cm with an available color of brown!
- A three-layered waist bag? We made it possible for you! This three-layered fanny pack is composed of three different compartments that are suitably best for your things. By this kind of structure, it can surely keep your things organized and secured. Available in coffee and brown, this bag has a measurement of 25cm x 15cm x 10cm. It can be worn in different ways as well!
- This waist bag is the best compartment to store your phone while you're enjoying an amazing adventure! It comes with a portable size that has a measurement of 25cm x 14cm x 5cm! It is available in dark brown and has a storage that can accommodate several of your small valuables! It can be carried as a waist bag, a chest bag and/or a shoulder bag!
- Another bag on our list that comes with three major compartments is this adorable fanny pack! Its exterior is interesting because of its extra stitches along its edges! It is black in color and goes with a measurement of 8 inches! It can be worn or used in different ways like a crossbody bag, a waist bag and a one-shoulder backpack! It can accommodate plenty of valuables, too!
- A barrel bag that can also work as a waist bag! This fanny pack has an incredible exterior and functionality! This is something that you can take with you when you go for an adventure or a travel! It is quite big in size, making it more fit to store your things while keeping them in order and in place! Color available is brown. This bag can be used on any kind of occasion!
- Accessible, portable and lightweight are just some of the characteristics of this fanny pack! Unique in shape, this bag actually has a spacious interior to store your things! It is available in coffee and brown, and it is also paired with an adjustable strap! It measures 25cm x 15cm x 10cm. Inside, it is composed of several pockets and storage all for your bag's demands!
- Worried about your tools? Let this fanny pack keep your worry away! This fanny pack can actually hold most of a worker's important stuff! Definitely the kind of bag for them! Available in tan and coffee, this bag is spacious enough as it measures 27cm x 17cm x 6cm. It goes with a vintage design and good quality of leather.
- Multi-functional yet portable. This fanny pack is bulky in appearance but can surely accommodate all your things inside! Both its interior and exterior are packed with several storage and compartments! It has a measurement of 23.5cm x 14cm x 10cm. Available in brown, this bag can be worn as a waist bag, a sling bag or a one-shoulder backpack.
- A bag that can outlast any kind of season and adventure, this fanny pack guarantees durability and protection! It goes with a measurement of 35cm x 15cm x 9cm. This waist bag is available in brown and black! Inside, it is composed of several sleeves and compartments good for storing things like a phone, a wallet, a tablet/iPad, mini books and many more!
- This fanny pack is best carried by women but can also work for men! Because of its adjustable strap, it has become more accessible and flexible! It measures 27cm x 14cm x 6cm. This bag is available in brown. Its interior comes with a roomy storage that can accommodate valuables like a phone, a wallet, a tablet/iPad, a mini book or pocket book a whole lot more! It can also be carried in different ways!
- Another vintage waist bag on the list is this fanny pack! It comes with compartments that are useful and big enough to store things in order and in place-securely and safe! It has a measurement of 32cm x 14cm x 7cm. Available colors are coffee and camel- this bag is versatile enough to be worn as a waist bag, a crossbody bag and/or a sling bag!
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