Women Leather Round Handbag


A handbag is a ladies best companion. It is a secretive object that the lady keeps all her secrets in. Her day to day used items and the most precious ones do have a place in her handbag. This is a no-go area for any outsider as it contains the most personal belongings of her.

A lady can never imagine her life without handbags. Give her hundreds of them and she will ask for more. She can never have enough of them, her best buddy and someone of use in need, indeed.

Handbags are of many types depending upon the style, fabric and any other criteria. Out of all, the leather handbags are the most elegant and widely used bags in the market. Leather has been the most sought after materials for bag, cloth and other products making. People have been obsessed with it especially the ladies.




Women Leather Handbags

Keeping the elegance and durability of leather into consideration, it has been the favourite material for women handbag manufacturing. The leather products have a feel and a class. They are being flaunted when possessed.

The perfect shades and texture of leather attracts every eye and when designed into a women leather handbag, it becomes for precious.


Round Circle Beige Leather Women Handbag



The leather bags are very durable as the leather basically is. Also, the material is very touch friendly. If you have ever felt leather with your hands, you will see that it is one of the very classy products to feel.

Adding to the versatility of leather, the manufacturers have given it many forms and designs making many different types of bags.

Types of Ladies Handbags

A certain type of bag can’t be sufficient to a woman on every occasion. No matter if women leather bags are very much in demand, but still the choice of the bag is decided on the basis of occasion sometimes. Depending upon conditions and personal requirements, a woman uses many types of bags. Some of them are hereby mentioned: -

  • Shoulder Bag: -This is the most commonly used bag and is the most functional bag ever. You see a woman with a bag hanging on her shoulder, she has got so many useful things in it when she uses regularly.  These bags are big with many pockets. They fit everything inside it looks like a concise supermarket.

Leather Brown round WOmen Shoulder Bag Crossbody Bag

  • Sling Bag: -The sling bag is a relatively small bag which is used more casually for small shopping, casual errands and light travels. The sling bag is also called as a cross-body bag as it is usually held the same way, across the body. This bag is perfect to keep small and handy things inside for immediate use.
  • Satchel: - Satchel is a multipurpose office bag which is perfect for working ladies. This bag is designed according to the needs of the working woman. It has a separate space for office accessories like laptops and, at the same time, it can hold all the personal belongings in it also. This gives a perfect balance of work and personal leisure life.Handmade Leather satchel bag shoulder bag yellow Brown for women leather shoulder bag
  • Clutch: -Clutch is a small handheld bag with precise features. This is generally used as a casual carry thing without having any intention of making it carry something. It is a perfect bag when you are all dressed up for an occasion or party and don’t want to carry any extra stuff, but you still feel empty without a bag in hand. This has a limited space, not more than carrying a hand phone, some cards and cash. It is also known as a Day Clutch.GENUINE LEATHER ROUND CIRCLE CLUTCH PURSE HANDBAG SHOPPER BAG FOR WOMEN LEATHER
  • Quilted Bag: -Quilted bags are those fluffy bags which have a stripped stitching over it. This bag is more of a style statement that goes with almost every dress. This goes perfectly with all age groups.
  • Hobo Bags: -Hobo Bag is a type of shoulder bag but is not as wide as a normal shoulder bag. It has a crescent shape which makes it partly casual and partly formal.  Hobo is a very cool bag which can make your wardrobe exciting and interesting.Genuine Women Leather Bucket Bag Shopper bag Handbag For Women Small Leather Tote Bag
  • Minaudiere: -This is an ornamental type of clutch with stones, pearls etc weaved all over. This is actually a party bag which is specially designed for some events like cocktail parties, wedding or an evening party. This bag flaunts all grandeur.
  • Wristlet: -Wristlets are just like wallets, with slightly broader functions.  They can hold your phone, keys, cards and some cash. The name given is because they can be carried on wrists, keeping your palms free.Genuine Women Leather Bucket Bag Shopper bag Handbag For Women Small Leather Tote Bag
  • Beach Bag: -This is a vacation special bag which is very light, colourful and as a lot of storage space. This bag is a simple one made simply from jute or straw.

  • Wallet: -Wallets are the smallest handbags for women which are utilised to carry the smallest articles like daily accessories and cash. This is simply used to carry the day to day expenditures which can be required on the go.HANDMADE WOMEN GENUINE LEATHER BIFOLD ENVELOPE CLUTCH PURSE LONG WALLET PURSE

These are some of the types of bags used by ladies in their day to day lives. Each one is designed according to the occasion it is to be used on. No matter what, any Women’s Leather Handbags are the best of the stuff available in the market.