Most women these days want to be more comfortable with how they feel, in terms of fashion. Thus, the invention and evolution of crossbody bags is such a timely trend! Not only because it is stylish and versatile, but because of the undeniable fact that you can carry it hands-free!
Whether you fancy bringing your whole life with you or you want to be as minimal as you can be, a crossbody bag can suitably satisfy both! You can have a crossbody bag that is portable, lightweight and slim, and you can also have one that is large and thick that matches a busy lifestyle. A crossbody bag can be partnered with different kind of straps as well- from thin ones to the thick types. Materials-wise, it can be crafted out of leather, canvas, nylon, silk and many more. As long as you have this companion, you won’t have to worry about your belongings.
Check our collection out and feast your eyes on our own list of Best 15 Women Crossbody Bags, carefully selected by our team and regular customers. Choose the best, and we will show you the rest!
- A really one of a kind bag that you can not resist is this crossbody bag that comes with a barrel style. It is made of leather and adorable in structure. It is the kind of bag that you would not see all the time. It comes with only one main compartment for all. Strap is detachable, that’s why you can wear it comfortably.
- One that is fashionably casual, and the best choice for a day-to-day routine kind of trip is this crossbody bag that is cute in size and structure. Despite its portable size, it can actually hold a wallet and a mini cellphone, some cash and cards in one storage. It is made of leather. Thus, it is soft and comfortable to wear.
- This lady-like crossbody bag comes with a barrel design perfect for women who prefer something different. It comes with a strap made of both leather and chain. Despite its split-like chain, it remains lightweight and convenient to wear. Available in blue, it comes with a measurement of 19cm x 11cm x 7.5cm.
- This round saddle bag is something you want to have. It is a crossbody bag meant to be worn in a casual day- a perfect go-to bag! It is handmade of leather and comes with an interior enough to accommodate your small valuables. It comes with a measurement of 18cm x 18cm x 3.5cm, this bag is available in black.
- Very pretty and adorable in size, this crossbody bag can surely captivate your heart! It is so small that only a few cash, some cards and other tinier belongings can fit inside. Nevertheless, it is still wearable as a crossbody bag, and it looks beautiful to anyone wearing it! Available in blue and black, measurements are 13cm x 11cm x 7cm.
- A stylish bag that can work as a purse as well is this crossbody bag meant to make your life easier by holding your most important belongings for you! Plus, it is comfortable and easy because you can carry it hands-free, of course. It has an amazing closing mechanism, assuring that your things kept in place and well.
- If you want something classy and vintage like, then this crossbody bag suits you best! It is like a small doctors handbag molded turned into a fashionable bag that you can confidently carry everywhere you go. Available colors are black, dark red, green and brown. Interior-wise, it can accommodate important valuables such as a wallet, a phone, some cash, cards and many more.
- An effective phone holder, and one that can work as a card holder or a wallet is this crossbody bag. Despite its portable size, it remains useful to anyone who is using it. It got slots for your phone, some cards and cash. It is something that you can wear and reliable. Seven colors are available- black, beige, brown, white, green, blue and gray.
- Fancy something charming and adorable in size, then you might want to consider this classic leather crossbody bag. It might look small, but on the inside, it got a roomy compartment for storing your most valuable stuff. It comes with a handle and a strap that makes it an all-around bag. Measurements are 24cm x 11cm x 11cm.
- A vertical bag that can hold more personal belongings is this crossbody bag that is made out of leather. It comes with a soft texture and smooth exterior. It also has an added sleeve at the back for safekeeping of cards. Inside is a roomy compartment for other stuff. It is available in six colors- black, brown, beige, green, gray and red.
- Another vintage bag on the list is this crossbody bag that got an efficient closing mechanism that can surely protect your things inside. The strap is made of leather just like the body itself. It is durable and spacious inside, too. Available colors are black, dark red, green and brown. It comes with a measurement of 17cm x 15cm x 8cm.
- Another mini bag that looks like a purse is this crossbody bag that is something that you want to carry and use all the time. The interior is not that big for a wallet. Nevertheless, it can surely and securely hold cards and cash inside. It can be enclosed with a magnet button. Wear this bag anywhere you go and be stylish with it!
- Vintage and made of leather, this crossbody bag is what most ladies like. Aside from its beautiful structure, it is also useful because of its roomy interior. It can hold things inside and can work at full capacity. Leather strap is adjustable that is suited for your needs. Available colors are green, black, tan, coffee and red.
- As they say, live out of the box. Literally, this crossbody bag truly embodies it. It is so unique in structure as it goes with a shape of a box. Inside is a roomy storage for your valuables to keep them in place and secure. The closing mechanism comes with a belt strap, and the strap is adjustable. Brown is only its available color.
- Bulky but remains portable in size is this small leather crossbody bag that matches minimalist women. Of course, it is low key and simple in design. Enclosed with a magnet button, this bag got a spacious interior for all your wallet needs. 18cm x 14cm x 6cm are its measurements, black, brown and green are its available colors.
- This might be the perfect case for your phone, this crossbody bag simply and efficiently does it! Direct to the point, this bag purposely serves as a cellphone holder. But of course, more than that, it is also capable of holding other smaller stuff like cards, cash, IDs and many more tiny valuables. Available only in two colors- black and white.