Handmade shoulder Bag Handbags

Handbags are the most necessary fashion products that all women own. They are perfect for working women, while they suit the needs of work-at-home moms. They are made of various materials, like canvas or suede or leather. Yet, the most favorite material is leather. The reason is obvious, in which leather ensures elegance, comfort and sturdiness, at the same time. You might consider that buying handbags is wasting your budget. It may be true if you buy the wrong ones. Yes, it is true that leather handbags with high quality may cost an arm and leg. But, they are worth your investment.


First of all, let's see how you choose a woman leather handbag for your specific purpose. If you are a working woman, it is always suggested to buy the one with average size, as you will keep lots of stuff there. You need to place a folder containing A4 paper. You will also need some slots for tablet or cell phone. Synthetic leather is good, but genuine leather can save you more money, as it is versatile and last for a very long time.

 Handmade leather women handbag box bag

But, if you are a working-at-home mom who needs to bring your laptop or tablet, as you take your kids to school, then you need a bigger size handbag. Or, it is much better if you choose women leather tote. Most tote bags contain several compartments that meet the needs of busy women like you. While you are urged to bring your working devices, you also have to bring your kids' stuff. You can also choose a tote bag which is equipped with a piece of women leather wallet. It will bring lots of benefits for you, as you don't only save much money to buy additional wallet, but also look fashionable.  


Suede vs Leather; Which Is Perfect for You?

Leather is excellent, but suede never fails to show its elegant performance. You can choose either leather or suede, whichever that meets your style. There is one important thing to know, in which leather requires less maintenance than suede. You only need to wipe your leather bag with damp cloth and specified liquid--which is usually sold on leather bag stores For suede, you will need to have it dry-cleaned.

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Bag colors can really boost your mood. If you have a series of outfits with different colors, then you may want to enhance your performance by buying suede or leather handbags with colors that suit most of your clothes. Tosca or dark blue is very much superb, as such colors match with your black, blue or white clothes. You can also wear your stunning red leather bags, when you are wearing your favorite gowns, with similar color.

 Handmade leather round handbag red

Whenever you have several kinds of leather handbags with various colors and sizes, you can wear each of them in several events. Most women are anxious when their friends see them with similar handbags from one event to another. This is why, having several handbags may save your day.