Leather Brown HandbagThe top quality of leather, softness, and design are three important things which a woman look for when she purchases a women leather handbag. The styles come in and go but some stays for years and even for decades, women leather handbag is one of them which never fade away. If you look at the history, the leather handbag has been the part of women fashion accessories for ages. Sadly, today, they cost a lot, only if the handbag has been made from the original leather.

You can easily judge by the softness, appearance, and quality of the leather that whether you are purchasing the original leather handbag or not. But this is not the only thing you have to consider when purchasing women leather handbag.


I won’t be wrong if I say that the spending money on a leather handbag is lifetime investment because they usually get replaced and can be used for years if the user takes care of the leather on regular basis. That's why it is important that the buyer must spend some time on the research before purchasing a women leather bag for herself or to gift someone special. Following I am sharing the basis buyer guide to purchase a women leather handbag.

Look at the type of leather:

The leather handbags are available in different types just like leather jackets and shoes etc. An attractive patina develops the best leather. It should have the sheeny and weathered look. The higher the quality the better the patina is. Avoid the leather bag which has been made from bonded leather because they have been reworked with chemicals and does not last for longer period of time.


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Know about the tanning process:

There is two major tanning process under which the women leather handbags have been made; vegetable and chrome tanning. The major difference between is the processes. The vegetable tanned leather has been produced through an eco-friendly process where the chrome tanned leather involves harsh chemicals. The vegetable tanned leather is not only eco-friendly but last for years where the chrome tanned leather bag can be dammed in short time due to chromium.

Check the durability of the leather bag:

The durability of the leather bag does not only guarantee you that it will last longer but ensures you that you have purchased the high quality of the leather bag. The durable leather bag is also easy to clean where you do not need to be worried about it when it’s raining as water will not stay on it for longer.


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Handwork of the leather bag:

Many buyers forget to look at the quality of the artwork. If you are purchasing a women leather bag which has some artwork, ensure that the stitching on the bag should be straight and impossible to noticeable. The leather bag could be made from different small leather pieces for the art purpose, there isn’t anything wrong in it until all the threads are hidden and the outer surfaces have consistency.

The leather bags lover look for other things too which included country of the origin and making, inspect the hardware of women leather handbag, price and the shine of the leather bag.