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1.How could I get the discount code?

   Register now ,then you will receive an confirm email that your account for EverHandmade is now active.and you will find the discount code in it.

2.Where do I enter in my discount code?

When checking out, you will go to paypal.com right away, where PayPal collects your shipping and billing addresses. After that, you will return to store where you pick a shipping rate, types in a discount code , the price is updated accordingly and, on that same page, you get to finalize your transaction.

3.How many time I could use the discount code?

  Only once for your first order.

4.if return items have used purchase discount,Whether the coupon will also return or not?

  Once the goods return, we will pay the part of your actual refund,  coupon will not be returned.

5.Why I have NOT got the mail?

If you have not received the email, please check your Junk-box, may the mail were stopped as junk mails or promotional mails.If still not,please delete some emails and try again to check the email.
If the above methods still can't work,please contact us to give us another valid email address .

If you have any further questions about discount code , please don't hesitate in sending us an email and we'll respond to you as soon as we can

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